Le' Munchkins

Nicholas. Nick. Nick Nick. Nickster. Nickerbocker. These are the names they call him. He's her 1st born, the keeper to ALL the keys to her heart.  He's 4 going on 15 and his favorite word is none other than "Dude". He's super cool and thinks he's the ultimate comedian. His intelligence is jaw dropping and his heart is as big as the sea.

Davony Ann Paige.
Day Day, Davie, D.
She's the Belle of the ball and a rising star. She loves sparkles, shoes, pageants and any variation of the color pink. She enjoys dress up and believes she is a princess. She's absolutely gorgeous and her laugh is very contagious. She throws tea parties and her best of friends are her baby dolls.  Her heart is full of of love, you can see it when she smiles. She nothing short of amazing! She's her Mommy's little doll!!