Girl that Runs the Show.

1987, she was born Chrystal Louise and growing up she wasn't the most gracious child. She is everything except calm, many would call her hyperactive. A girl who always wears a smile on her face and makes it her lifes goal to putting one on the faces of others. Throughout her life she has been called many things, but the one name that stuck around was the infamous expression, "Geez Louise".
Today, she is a Coastie's Sweetheart, Mommy of One handsome little boy and one gorgeous little girl. She is a Cupcake Lover, addict to blogging, sushi, coffee, and loves nice black pump. Most importantly she's a Christian, living a VERY blessed life. She's a Southern Belle, born and raised in Sweet Home Alabama. She's been told her southern draw is sweeter than red wine. Dancing is her way of letting go, even if it is infront of her bathroom mirror. She's an aspiring photographer, with an imagination that would blow your mind. Although she's a Mama to her own, she's still her Mama's Sweet Pea and her Daddy's Lular Belle. Her life is happy go lucky and everything except normal.