July 23, 2012

Hi, My name is Chrystal..

And I suffer from
I swear I have the tendencies of a indecisive 2 year old at times.
And lately the 2 year old has been rearing its ugly head.
It's been quite a while since I told you that Geez Louise is saying her goodbyes..
With that said... 
A Belle, Her Beau and Their Blessings 
will be closed before it had the chance to open...
But, however
Will be open for business very,very soon Ma' Dears. 
I'm actualy very excited to start Gypsy Belle.
Its completely fresh start for me.
I know, I know...
that's exactly what I said about
I told you...
Indecisive 2 year old.
I've been such a horrible blog friend this past year..
But, I promise with this fresh new start..
you will not be disappointed my friends!! 
Miss you Dolls,
Chrystal Louise

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