July 11, 2011

Not gone for good . . .

Hi gang!

Summer from Athena in the Middle here.

Chrystal wanted me to let you all know that she is sorry for having been gone so long.
She and her family are going through a very, very, very tough time right now but she hopes to return to blogging soon.
She misses you all A LOT.

If you have a moment, please say a little prayer for Chrystal and her family.
She would never ask but I know she needs them -- now more than ever.
I know she will appreciate any and all comments, love, virtual hugs that you can send their way.

Much love!


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...


starnes family said...

Hi, Summer.

Hi, Chrystal.

Praying for you both! Hang in there, girls.

Rhianne said...

oh no, Chrystal and her family are definitely in my thoughts x

Brittany said...


I know I'm not the best person to pick up a phone and call randomly to check on how life is going for you, or anyone for that matter. We all get busy at times and somehow seem to forget how much friends mean to us (me mostly). Most of the time when I pick up the phone to call friends, including you Girlie, I usually think of how I might be imposing or interrupting life in the making. This tends to lead me to say, "I'll call tomorrow." Even though we don't talk much anymore you are still in my thoughts. To know that you are going through a tough time in your life breaks my heart. I wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you and your family and I hope whatever is going on that it gets better. Quickly. I love you lady and I hope this reaches you well.

rach. said...

hope everything gets better!

love, rach.