May 3, 2011

We Are Alabama.

My Dear Alabama,
My home sweet home, my heart aches for you. I pray for your tears to dry and your hearts to mend. I pray that you will find comfort, somehow. I love your beauty, I love your strength, and I love your strong will. As we come together, helping one another, let us grow stronger, so that Alabama can be Beautiful once more.
God Bless You, Alabama.
My Heart is aching.
Not just for it's people, but for the land.
The devastation you see on TV cannot express or decribe the pain in the hearts of the people who have lost
E V E R Y T H I N G.
..But if you haven't noticed...
In the middle of the storm, we are caught praising an amazing God.
We are Uniting as O N E.
We are bending over backwards for one another.
We are H O P E F U L.
Our F A I T H is the only thing that is keeping our hearts from breaking more.
We B E LI E V E that things will get better, even though right now that seems impossible.
But let us not forget...
"With God, A L L things are P O S S I B L E."
-Matthew 19:26
My family was LUCKY, beyond belief.
They also encountered destruction, but those things can simply be replaced.
Im grateful for that. Words cannot express.
I have a lot of memories with some of the things that were destroyed..
Like my Daddy's Barn.
To you this place may look a little ran down...
To me this is the place I played when I was little.
The place my neice and I fed the baby calfs by bottle.
The place I jumped from hay bale to hay bale while my Daddy mended the fence.
This was my playground.
And now...
Its this.
And the Huge old Oak tree in my Mama's back yard.
Sadly, I dont have a before picture.
It shaded me while I see-sawed and jumped on my trampoline.
This tree was a meeting place for our family cookouts/get togethers.
The tree I imagined was the Ship I conqured the world in.
A tree I hid in from my parents, when I was in trouble.
That place I went, when I just needed a little Me and Jesus time.
That used to be my safe place as a child...
Now it's gone.
Bits of my heart have been destroyed and all of it is broken.
I am so thankful I'll always have those memories....
As my heart rejoices that my family and friends are safe,
 its breaking for every family who is mourning their lost loved ones.
Friends, help support my Home.
If you can...
Give a little.
 Alabama Needs You.
Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10.
And there are so many more ways to help.
But, if you can't give, that's okay...
Just keep Alabama in your thoughts and prayers.
Lord knows, we need it.
Love Ya'll,

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Rissy said...

that makes me tear up a little...

I didn't even knwo you were from Alabama.. or I really would have tried to check in : (

I'm glad you personally didn't experience too much devastation. Alabama has definitely been in my thoughts and will remain. xoxo