May 9, 2011

Mother, Mother.

"She get it from her Mama.."
That famous little line rings unbelieveably true for me...
I do indeed get it from my Mama.
Her laugh, her temper, her bootay..
And those are just a few things.
I've also been told I'm her "mini me".
And that makes my heart melt.
Not because she was one gorgeous gal,
but because it makes me feel even more apart of her.
And you're probably wondering why I said "was"...
I had to say goodbye to this gorgeous woman 13 years ago.
I lost her to a battle with HIV and Cirrohsis of the Liver.
 I was lucky to have her in my life while I did.
She was the most selfless person I've ever met.
She lived a very tough life.
Which led her to give me to my Great Aunt and Uncle...
Whom I call my Mama and Daddy today..
Mothers Day is always so bittersweet for me..
I feel like I've been blessed with two amazing mothers...
I am grateful for both of them..
Without them both, I wouldn't be who I am today.
Momma Sib's life story is a hard one to swallow and to tell.
She made choices in her life that taught me which path was best to take in life..
Her life also taught me that because someone makes bad descisions or mistakes..
Doesn't exactly make them a bad person.
Believe me, this woman had a beautiful heart and a even more loving soul.
So, I want to say thank you to Momma Sib for loving me and giving me the life she couldn't.
I want to let her know I miss her laugh, her hugs and her kisses.
One day we will laugh together again...
Now as for my Mama, Jerry...
Words cannot even start to describe just how truly blessed I am.
I thank you, Mama, for being all these things and more...
Accepting me for who I am and wanting nothing more.
Your always generous heart and kind words.
Being honest, especially whenever I don't want to hear it.
Forgiving, because as a child I was horrible.
LOVING, because you have shown me love has no measure, love has no end, love is bigger than we are and if we just LOVE one another, the world is a much better place.
I thank you for being my Mama, for raising me right, for all the hickories I had to pick off that hickory bush outside my window, and for all the tough love you gave me.
You molded me and have shown me a mother's love...
Thank you for having patience with me and letting me become my own person.
I love you both, today, tomorrow and ever after,
RIP "Momma Sib"
September 23, 1954-April 3, 2000
Oh and btw, meet my Maw Maw Louise...
Yes, the that is the infamous "Louise" I and this blog are named after.
Isn't she just lovely...
Writing all this and meditating on it really makes me realize how dang blessed
 I am to have two of the cutest nuggets in the world calling me Mommy.
Even though sometimes...
I would love to find a hickory bush around the corner....
I couldn't live a day without them.
No matter how much hair I would like to pull out...
I am truly, undeniably, LUCKY.
Hug your Mamas today
 ladies and gents..
Not so many of us are blessed to have two like I was...
So that only leaves most of us with one Mama..
And were not promised tomorrow..
I know yesterday was the Day for Mothers...
But today just give her a peck and hug or a call to let her know again,
Just how special she truly is.
 Love ya'll,


Summer Athena said...

absolutely beautiful. love you much.

bananas. said...

i love that last part. great reminder to those who still have their mommies. always show them love.

beautiful post my dear.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

awww what a very heartfelt post. I know both women are so proud of you and how you turned out today. =)