March 29, 2011

Im back..

For reals this time.
Oh and I've been missing ya'll very very much btw...
But first, I would like to give you lots of excuses why I havent been around these parts much.
Life has been busier than usual for me.
And the fact that I've been more lazy than usual, does not help that fact I havent blogged in a month.

In the past month or two, I've turned into an obsessed Love Junkie.
I've also become a Mardi Gras Expert.
Concert Go'er.
And last but not least...

Yep, Im an Armada Driving, sticker on the back glass, Soccer Mom.
A mom to a future soccer star, who scored his team their very first goal for the season To the kiddo who chooses the #28 on his jersey and whose team name is nonother than, "Dragon Fire".
One day, I will be a mom of a kid who can "BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM".
And I can honestly say, Im Bragging...
Maybe a little anyways.
No Shame Right??
And just when you thought..
 "Oh she blogs today, but gone for another 2months tomorrow..."
Ive come back with a little surprise for my loyal friends in the blog world.
But you'll have to wait until tomorrow.
I know, teasing is a bitch.
But I promise it will pay off.
Love You, Dolls.
And I have to say, its SO GOOD to be back.


carrie1 said...

THANK GAWD!!! And where are the pictures of lil D?? Shes the only one I don't see in this here post????? xo

Courtney B said...

Yay I'm so glad! I love your bloggin' :) How fun! I hope to be mommy to a soccer stud someday :)

Rissy said...

welcome back!

he looks snazzy in that uniform.

I think I can handle the suspense until tomorrow.....
Well hopefully...

I got two free tshirts on Mardi Gras this year so I'm officially a fan of the day... well ok one of them is a man sized "miller lite" tee but hey it was free ; )


Lace said...

I'm here, I'm reading & I'm a little antsy considering it is in fact 2 days after the "tomorrow" you spoke of, woman!

Also, get well :) I read on FB that you're sick again? I think last time we caught up you were sick! Two thumbs way down. xo