February 8, 2011

Cindy Crawford never looked so good.

Thats right, she's sitting in my living room.  
You might be thinking I've lost my mind..
And honestly with the sleep I've been getting it's almost believable.
But no, she's sitting here all pretty, leathered, and flower printed.
Isn't she just fab.
Cindy, you are the apple to my eye.
I've still got to hang my big bronze mirror and my curtains.
Get a few more picture frames and paint that yellow wall, Ottertail then I am DONE.
Our Apt will be a home, FINALLY!
And your probably wondering what happened at the pageant??
Well, Priss Pot won Prettiest Hair and a trophy for Beauty.
We are so proud of her!
We also have another pageant coming up next month!
Since then Ive been decorating and cramming in new ideas for the apt.
I've been busy as a bee getting ready for my Thirty One party on tomorrow night.
I'm one for organization and monogramming.
Go to www.mythirtyone.com/theresa and to the Place an Order Tab.
Click Place an Order again and then click Shop Now by my name {Chrystal Underwood}.
You don't have to order, but it would be awesome if you did!
{If you do, make sure to get those orders in tomorrow before 6:30}
If you're in just for some browsing, View Catalog shows all the fab stuff they carry! 
V-day is coming up, so check it out!

And in the name of love, I need to get my house clean before tomorrow.

Love you Dolls,


Lace said...

The blog looks great, lady!! xo

carrie1 said...

1.) Whoop Whoop on the new furniture... although I did LOVE your old couch with the mega recliners! They will be missed. =(

2.) You think that back wall needs to get painted??? It actually doesn't look bad in the picture. Because it looks like there is a little bit of gold/yellow in the chairs? yay or nay?

3.) And you FINALLY got curtains???? And a mirror?

4.) Give J-dawg a pat on the back and tell him well done!

Rissy said...

your place looks great!
I can't wait to get some bloggy-inspiration when I have a place of my own!

starnes family said...

Living room looks fabulous! Glad the little one did well at the pageant. How fun!

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

her smile is the best!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I love your blog updates and I absolutely ADORE your new living room! Just fab!

Yankee Girl said...

I LOVE that furniture! It looks so great.

Anonymous said...

Love your furniture!