January 24, 2011

Oh ladies and Gents.

The Underwood house is dreaming of
rhinestone hairbows, dresses and pretty little shoes.
And of course along with that comes dreaming of one these too!
Yep, its pageant time for the little princess again!
She's been practicing blowing kisses, waves, nods and her kissy finger too.  
In not so long she'll take a stroll on the catwalk and get in a couple of twirls too. 
Maybe she will rock the stage and not have one of her famous "Miss Sassyfrass" moments...
So, no matter if she gives them sass or pure class,
We'll be proud of our beautiful little belle.

I've been a real busy bee..
I've been playing pageant coach, photographer, and Dr too.

Yep, thats right. 
Nick Nick has the flu. 
While taking pictures of the princess and trying to get everything done before next Saturday..
Ive been cuddling with my sweet Nickster, trying keeping him hydrated... 
Poor little guys has had a fever for the last 3 days and had a serious date with the toilet this early AM.
Hes not doing so well, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


Tell me which one you love the mostest please...

Photo 1


Photo 2

I love them both and its super hard for me to decide.

So its time to put your judging goggles on and decide.
I'm going to be posting a few more till Wednesday for your voting pleasure.
On Thursday I will post the final 2.
Then you will tell me which one is photogentic worthy in your eyes.   

So dolls, I hope ya'll are healthy and happy on this fine, fine Monday afternoon.

I've got to do laundry and clean my kitchen..
Because I'm pretty sure if I dont, something might decide to set up
camp in my pile of dirty laundry and dishes.
Or before my Husband decides to call Hoaders on me.
Okay well, its not that bad...

{And Geez Louise is feeling a bit neglected also. (i.e. the Christmas header still shining its Christmas smiles up top the blog) She's now been listed as UNDER CONSRUCTION from here on till we get her all sparkly and new fabulousness..}
Bare with me peeps.



Rissy said...

aww she is precious! I am sending her tons of luck!

Rebecca said...

So I LOVE Davey's eye lashes and curls in #2 but for a head shot for judging I would go with #1 because she is just gorgeous and model-esque!

Also I know it's not nice to laugh because I had the flu a few weeks ago but Nick having "a serious date with the toilet" cracked me up.

capperson said...

I love the second pic!!! Good luck! And I hope everybody starts feeling better!!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

They are both FABULOUS i love them... But I think that number one is better cause it shows more of her presh face.

Catherine Anne said...

One and its great to see you. Its been too long:)

Rhianne said...

photo one is beautiful, I love her fun smile :) as pretty as her mum!