January 27, 2011

A little reminder.

Sweet Bumpkin',
I miss your comments and the happiness you always left here.
I can't believe its almost been 6 months.
I know your swinging happily on your swing in heaven.
And just the thought makes me smile.

And you, my friends, are probably wondering why
Lisa "Bumpkin" came up today..
Because on FB 2 days ago I got a friend suggestion from "Bumpkin Lisa".
It made my heart swell and made me wish we had gotten the chance to meet up.
I was browsing through WE HEART IT yesterday and seen one of the beautiful swing pictures she used as a header.
Then last night I got the friend suggestion again and this time..
It broke my heart.
Because I want to be her friend on FB and I want her comments back.
Its selfish, I know.
It leaves me to wonder what this is all telling me..
is it coincidence or her letting me know she's thinking of me.
She was always one for a pep talk..
 when it came to getting me geared up for Davony's pageants..
And here is one of the things she did say.
"Put your tough shell on honey, speaking from experience, your'e gonna need it in the Pageant World.Geez Louise, that is one fabulous dress dahling, and The Bumpkin knows fabulous when she sees it."
...or the time she said...
"Miss Priss in the pageant yes, keep going, she has real potential from the pictures I have seen. She needs a good year, to get comfortable, and then the polishing begins.  Start her early!"
Its almost like she's sending me a secret message from above...
 "Dahling's pageant is coming up, Remember what I said. Good Luck next Saturday. Put your game face on Mama."
So, my game face is on.
Im ready for Saturday.
Thanks, Bumpkin'.
I needed a boost today.

I've also come up with the 2 photogenic pictures Im submitting..
Because I couldn't choose just one.
It's Friday Eve Ya'll, that calls for a celebration in itself!
BIG Kisses,


carrie1 said...

Whatev's today is my FrIdAy!!!!! =) Are you jelly? Cause you should be!

Lovey the pictures of Sassy D!

Call you when I get out of here. =)

Rebecca said...

I love the pictures! She's gorgeous! We for real need to get together so I can see those little stinkers!

Love you! Davey will do great and you will do even better!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

love this. love you. love your darling girl.

Rissy said...

I am not totally sure who this post is about, but I thought it was really touching!

Brunch at Saks said...

Just found your blog via Brown Eyed Belle and adore it. This is such a sweet post about Lisa. She is truly missed, although I like to think of her on a swing in Heaven just like you! Looking forward to reading more of your blog :) xoxo, Annemarie

PS. Is that your gorgeous little one in the last 2 photos?! She is beautiful!

Rhianne said...

i still adore that first photo, so pretty!

is it this saturday? Good luck if it is :)

Trish said...

Hey there my lovely Chrystal,

You know our darling Lisa is doing her happy dance in heaven watching your beautiful baby girls and their performance in the pageant this weekend! I am so thankful that you cherish her memory as much as I do, I miss her more than words can describe, it just isn't the same in blog world or otherwise without her!

Thanks so much for accepting my FB invite, I know that she would be happy that we are keeping in touch in as many ways as possible. Since we've moved back down South I'm hoping to get back in touch with Captain John (who called yesterday) and maybe get a little meet up scheduled this Spring/Summer. What do you think?

Hugs and xx always -

Kristin said...

I can't believe it's been that long. I was just rereading some of Lisa's emails a few weeks ago. I'm sure your post made her smile from heaven!

Blicious said...

lovely post!!


Stefany said...

HI Chrystal! It has been way too long and I wanted to come over and say hi.

This is a beautiful post... and your little bit is just gorgeous!

I miss ya!