January 19, 2011

Hey Ya'll.

Yes, I am alive, BARELY. The Swine has attacked me again. I don't know what it is about that stoopid flu that loves to make my body feel completely horrid.

And maybe I'll eat my words and get a flu shot next year.

Anyways, I need to discuss what a terrible bloggee and bloggie friend I have been lately.

No excuses.
Only TRUTHS be told here.

Ive been Lazy and Uninspired.
Ive been reading more than writing.
Ive been dancing and smiling. 
Ive been spending time with my family and my friends.
Ive been thinking of all of you and how much I miss you.
But I needed that month long break for me and believe me it has helped.
A lot has happened in the last few months and I truly havent had time to catch back up to reality.
And for once my life seems to sort of be back on track.

So now that Ive been laying in bed not doing much of anything but sleeping, coughing, sneeezing and wheezing...I figured why not start blogging again, because I sure do miss it. 

So its 2011 already, huh?
Well, with every year I feel as if a nice change is good.

So, I cut off 6 inches of my hair.
And partayed like it was 1999.

Bringing in the New Year with the ones you love..

Can only bring good luck!

Instead of saying the word "No" or any other variation of it, try saying this....
"Triangle, the other white meat."

Or making a scuba mask out of around the house goods.
You Top Shelf, girl.

I believe its only tradition to celebrate and be with the ones you love on the holidays.
And if that calls for breaking out into the snuggie dance, it will do.

Mergz, you make me happy in so many ways!

So you see Ive pretty much had a great twenty-eleven so far.
And Ive got a feelin' its going to get better.

Oh and I didn't discuss my reso's for the year.
To be nothing but happy.
To be healthy.
And last but not least relax and let my hair down.

Oh and 1 more reso..
I pinky promise that I will start being a better bloggee and bloggie friend.
I sure have missed ya'll.

Im off to relax and take more meds.
Because the FLU has got to go.

Till tomorrow loves,


carrie1 said...

Ummm....its about damn time you got back from blogger vacay!!!! Feel better boo. I will call you while chris gets his hair did. Xoxo

Rissy said...

hahah this was a really fun post! welcome back


carrie1 said...

Well well well..... so glad you could finally join us again!!! =) I hope you feel better soon lady. AND... I am running with Chris to get his hair cut after work sooo.. while he is getting his hair did I will call you. =) lovey you..xo

~KS said...

Missed you, missed you, MISSED YOU!!!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

love and miss you

Jen said...

Aw, I hope you feel better real soon! Happy new year!

Rachel said...

haha you are adorable!