January 25, 2011

Brunettes or Blondes, that is the question!

I woke up this mornin' not feeling like P Diddy, but wanting to be a blonde.
Call me crazy, but I have had the urge to go platinum folks, for quite some time now.

 P L A T I N U M B L O N D E
I know, it is absolutely nuts.
Maybe thats why it seems so sane to me at the moment.
I want to trade my dark tresses for some gorgeous golden/platinum locks.

I blame it on this Beautiful Blonde Bommmie right here for making it look so dang good.
Paulina, I adore you..Sister.
You make one gorgeous blonde.
But who am I kidddin folks, Hubbs would kill me.
I mentioned the fact that I wanted to be a blonde last night and he seriously almost choked on his Dr. P ya'll.
So even though my dream of being blonde has been shot to H E L L, I won't let it fade to far from the back of my mind.
Who knows, I might just suprise ya'll one day and be all like..
" Hey Ya'll! Im a blondie now!"

Alright. Complete and Udder hysterics coming from my mouth this mornin' folks.

So I took around about 75 pictures of Davie last night and seriously only got 2 that is mere photogentic worthy.

Girl got her Mama attitude.

She's just plain cuteness.

And so, here are the 2 that made the cut.

Batch #1 

Batch #2

These are so cute, I can't choose.
And I definitely can't choose between B&W, Sepia and Color!

Because I'm having a really hard time deciding.

Have any of you Brunettes ever gone blonde or wanted to?
Have any of you Blondes ever gone brunette or wanted to?
Tell me your thoughts on it!

Happy Tuesdie ya'll,


Rissy said...

I have an olive skin tone, yet my boyfriend tried to convince me to go blonde. I can not even begin to express how awful that would look on me.
I really think you could pull it off though! my feeling is, it's just hair. Give it a try

♥Aubrey said...

WoW!!! I think about being a blonde ALL the time. I've actually done it before & LOVE my brunette hair even more now after doing so. Try a wig or InStyle Makeover first...and always remember...IT'S ONLY HAIR. IT WILL GROW BACK!!!:) We only live our lives once right?

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

GO BLONDE! I am such an instigator! hahahaa.

I kinda like the last one the most. But they are all cute.

capperson said...

I like the sepia in Batch #1 and black and white in the 2nd batch!!

I also think you should try a blonde :) You never know until you try. I want to go red, but I'm so scared..lol

Blicious said...

i went blonde in highschool and loved it. do it! :)


Rebecca said...

I love #1 with color. But I can say I tried on a blonde wig and I looked like the cheapest whore you could find.

Jessica said...

Wow that IS blonde and would be fun, but brunette is fun too!

How about instead you win some fab earrings from Brazil? Not a bad trade...they are my giveaway this week!

LeAnn said...

I went blonde in 11th grade. After prom, in case i hated it i didn't want photographic evidence. I loved it, so i went SUPER blonde (Blonde as a Bat, as my dad called it) Right before graduation. Your hair is really dark though, you should gradually go lighter to try it on. Summer is the perfect time for lighter hair anyway. Davony is BEAUTIFUL! She's like you're little mini-me! I like pic #1. It has more of a "natural" smile. #2 looks like she was told to say cheese!

Courtney said...

Love your blog! Seriously you're so cute!
You're little girl is ADORABLE!
I hate telling people what they already know, so sorry if you already know this :) It'll take awhile before you're platinum once you start down the road to blondie :) It's not too easy to go from brown to blonde (hairstylist speaking :) but so worth it!
Keep talking about it and eventually your hubby will be a-ok with you going blonde cause he'll be sick of you talking about it :) That's what I did to my man ha!

carrie1 said...

Hi, I'm Carrie I've fallen off the earth... but I'm back now!!! And what if you go half and half???? just top layer blonde... and bottom half dark?? That way you have the best of both worlds??

But personally I love your dark hair... and I probably would have done the same thing as Justin and choked on my Dr.P too!

And I like the sepia in the first batch.... but then again like you said she is a cutie no matter what.