December 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap.

Lordy, Im pretty sure Im still recouperating ya'll. I don't know if its from the 22 hour trip back home or the fact that I gobbled so much till I was literally wobbling on Turkey day. Either way, it sure feels nice to be back home.
We all know nothing makes a better holiday or vacay than the 3 F's.
And the occasional mustache.

And so the recaping begins. 
But not in that order of course..

Being Thankful for spending a day with
 Daddy before Turkey Day.

But despite all the tractors, cowboy boots, old trucks and my love for everything country....

I somehow feel like this city was made for me...
Like Im one with it.
The busy streets, taxi cabs, revolving doors and bright city lights.

I love this city, but its even better when its the holiday season.
We met Santa in Macy's and got the chance to ride
the gigantic ferris wheel in Toys R' Us.

Beyond acting like a complete tourista, Hubbs and I were busy snuggling and stealing subway kisses.

After all this excitement I got the chance to meet one of the worlds most amazing gals!
Summer Brown.
I could just squeeze her to death.
Sum Sum ventured out in the fahreeeeezing cold and holiday rush to meet my family and I in Macy's {Bless her Heart} and I am so glad she did.
She's even more amazing in person and I cannot wait to meet up again in Feb.

Oh and I did mention Food, didn't I?
And some of us just couldn't hide our eagerness.
And so, we wined and dined like the richest.
Gobble, Gobble.
Homemade Sweeet Potato Cass, DELISH.
My specialty, Mean, Green Bean Cass.
Cranberry Sass.

That wasnt even the half of it.
Yum, I know right.

So we Gobbled till we Wobbled and some of us settled down for a nap.
fyi: this is no after gobbling nap, this would infact be called "Hubbs Holiday Hangover Snooze".

And then Friday rolled around, a little football and a lot of fun did too.
I remember somewhere up there I mentioned a little stache' happenin'.
And BOY did it.

Burt, Burt Renoylds.
Dazed and confused, anyone?

Baby Ida had to get in on it too.
My more Sultry mustache ducky face look.
I thought it was appropraite.

And so, there you have it.
My nothing less than FAB NYC trip and Thanksgiving Holiday.

Sorry for the MIAness that I have been giving you.
Im into the Holiday Rush.
 Its certainty no lie that this is infact the busiest time of the year.
And I'm busy loves, BUSSSAYY.
So if I havent shown you any blog love, please forgive.

Love ya'll,


Kristin said...

You have such a lovely fam lady! And those sweet pots...OMG!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

awwww adorable pictures!

Jessica said...

Looks like you had a good Thanksgiving!!

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