November 18, 2010

You can call me MIA.

Yes, I should be punished for the lack of blog greatness Ive ceased to give you in the last month or so. From a unexpected week long trip to North Carolina to Mergz getting married, its been a BIZZAY month to say the least, but a fun one at that. And to keep us on our toes, we set off once again for one of our famous road trips bright and early Tuesday, only to be NEW YORK CITY BOUND.
Um, can't hide the excitement, thats for sure.
So, I was happy to express my giddyness with a little retail threapy and when CSN contacted me again to hold a review one of their many many products, I about had a come apart.
And I started looking into things we needed to take along...
From Sling Backpacks to lessen the amount of stuff we will need to sight see, to Hats and Boots for the kiddos, because theres no need for cold hands and tosies in the streets of New York.

And now, I need to share some picture love with you that has happened over the last month.
Yes, I know you are excited...duh.

We got to spend a little time, much needed time with the other mems of our Stoog Clan.
My Sisterfran, Nay Nay.
And when you get us together its no lie that we are the life of the parrtay.
What do we do, you may be wondering?
Well, kids..
We DANCE the night away.
And we get connected with friends that live close by.
And they join the parrtay as well.
You may know this blonde beauty.
Her name is Carrie from JUST A GIRL.
I miss her face...

Crazy stuff happens with different objects when we get together.
Like So.
Then by the end of the night, we are usually in pain because we kicked dancing arse.
So we take our shoes off and start struting our most famous, dancing feet limping.
Yes, I agree this is grosss.
But a girls gotta do whatta girls gottta do.
 emm hmm.
Yes, I am thinking the same thing that you are... Y?
So after a few acts of randomness and laughs along the dirtttay road...
Not her car.
 No shame, no shame.

{Hey GIRL Hey}
and then we finally make it to the car...
and you get to meet my dairy air.

I will try my darndest to get you pics of the wedding.
But I do have prrooof of one amazing Bachelorette Party.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
And thats just a teaser. Stay tuned dolls.

Have a great Friday Eve my lovers,


Caro said...

I missed you!

californiadreamin said...

haha your pics made me laugh. You girls look great and look like you had a blast!

~KS said...


And hello!!!!!! You look UHHHH-MAZING in all of this pics. Why aren't you modeling in your free time woman?!?!?!

Hugs and kisses!!

C A R L A said...

you all look awesome. great blog! im already a follower :)

Ashley Hasty said...

You guys are the cutest and you look like so much fun!

I just joined Bon Bon Rose Girls' Rosebuds. I saw your blog on their list. It is a pleasure to "meet" you!