November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day My Lovahs

Im so thankful today.
Thankful because I went to sleep last night so peaceful, only after gazing at the gorgeous city lights along the coast line in the crisp Staten Island night air and waking up to my familys laughter and snuggling with my loving, hungover husband for a few minutes before we joined them.


A little more than Turkey, dressing and green bean casserole.

Being thankful.

For everything God has blessed me with.

Family, Friends, LOVE, and health.

I hope you all have a
 very BLESSED,
 and of Course a VERY YUMMY Turkey Day.

Chrystal Louise

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Claire Kiefer said...

Just found your blog from Summer's--isn't she amazing??--and glad you had such a happy Thanksgiving. Mine was low key and delicious and involved friends and football (my team won!!!), which made it a success. :)