October 12, 2010

Sort of a Special, Exciting, Celebration kind of post!

Do you Remember this Post?
Well, today Rebecca turned 23 and not to mention just a few
short days ago she found out she's now CANCER FREE!!!

Yes, You heard correct!
She did infact...

And Today's her BIRTHDAY.

And a birthday's not a birthday without a sweet treat!

So send her your love and your birthday wishes!
Because she so deserves the celebration today!
Do that Here.

And I cannot for one express the joy and happiness that is running through me!

Because with hope, prayer,
and most of all with God,
 anything is possible.

Oh and of course because you are a LITTLE, thats why!
{And we know just how strong the people who carry that last name really are!}

I LOVE YOU REBECCA and Im SO happy for you!

Happy Birthday Love,
Chrystal Louise



Lacey in the City said...

YAY!!! That's such fantastic news!!!

Rebecca said...

Thank you Love! Oh and I got a Macy's job! Ahhhhhhhhh!

~KS said...

AMAZING news... and happy birthday to your cancer-ass-kicking friend!!

bananas. said...

this just brought a HUGE smile to my face. the words cancer free mean more to me than shoes...and that's saying a lot.

happy birthday to rebecca!!!

Blicious said...

aww so cute!!