September 2, 2010

Toooo ze' Mexican Border..we went.

So, yesterday was about the scenery.
And I never mentioned we shared our vaycay with 2 of the most fab peoples in the world.
Keith and Elizabeth.
{Justin's Gorgeous Aunt and Hilarious Uncle.}
Here's how our 1st day played out.

It was quite the adventure...

One thing I loathe the most about a 7:30 flight...
is the alarm going off at 4:30am.
But knowing once you hit your connecting flight your in direct flight to paradise.

Speaking of Connecting flights....
Figuring out that Concourse A is 2 miles away from Concourse E in ATL and you have 5 minutes to get there before you miss your flight. Then you realize WALKING will NEVER get you there, you decide to RUN. Not sprint, RUN.

You  finally get to the train to take you the rest of the way and to realize, you were 3 seconds too late.

And so your in the sky, after the running, a major shin splint and popping a naproxen to ease the pain...
reaching a few thousand feet and they flight attendant whispers sweet nothings about there being
 beverages on board....
{UM, I'll take a bloody mary with the SKYY Vodka please!}

Your 40 miles and 25 mins from landing and 30 minutes later the pilot comes on and says...
"We have lost hydraulic power on our left side. As some have noticed we have been flying in circles. But no worries, we have plenty of gas left. I need all flight attendants to deck please. We need to go over our procedures. We will keep you updated, so everyone relax and we will let you know our plan.

SILENCE swept the plane.

Then the beeep...
"We have got the landing gear to finally come down but we are still working on the other issues. The Emergency Crew and Vehicles will be waiting as we touchdown in Cancun. The hydraulic system isnt that important, so we will be landing shortly.

 I was in dramatics by this point. Glad I had my shades, because I would have looked like a big fat baby. You could have heard a pin drop with the silence.
Every few minutes you would hear people whisper....
It was that moment that I come to realize I would probably never make it off this plane alive and I started praying I would see my childrens faces again.

And I realized I wanted one of us to live, because I couldn't imagine my children not having any parents.

So it got real for me in minutes.

Then we landed, safely.
Pilot Man says, " Im glad we got the flaps to work and the landing gear down or it would have been a fast ride in. It was not a fun experience in the simulator. But we are here, Sunny Skies and 91 degrees. Welcome home to some and Welcome to Cancun to many of you. I hope you enjoy your stay"

Emergency Vehicles? Procedures? Simulator? Fast ride in?

And who knew the girl sitting in the seat next to me on the plane was going to grab my luggage and walk half way through customs before I noticed...
Did I mention MY luggage had 2 tags on them, hers had NONE. So after looking like a complete fool ducking under ropes to find my luggage, I confronted her.

"I think you have my luggage. Can you PLEASE check those tags?"
Checks tags...
GIRL, " OMYGOSH, I totally have the wrong bag!"
Me," Yes, I told you that. Yours is wayyyy over there. My friend Lupe, will go get them for you."

Holy Gaucamole. Drama Ramama.

Then we FINALLY make it through customs...

And 45 minutes later....
With a MUCH needed drink in my hand and LOVER by my side,
we enjoyed the rest of our day like so.

After a stressful flight and having jet lag, we decided a night in with bikni, trunks, a Michael Jackson show, and FRREEEE room service would do the trick.
And it did. Our first night was low key...

But for our second we brought out our "best " attire for a night of SUSHI, FUN, and more FUN.

And you thought we left the kids at home!! Haha BAH!

Till tomorrow for days 3&4!!

Happy Friday Eve ya'll,


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Looks like a blast doll face

ag. said...

um, the hydraulic system isnt that important?! WHAT?! wow, i'd be freaking out! glad you got there safe and the looks of the smiles on your faces, the trip seems it was off to a good start minus the plane drama!!

Jen said...

Whoa! Super scary flight! I have NEVER been afraid to fly, but now I'm a little intimidated hearing about something like that happening to someone I "know." I'm so glad you made it safely.

And it looks like you all recovered! I love that last pic of the four of you all dressed up and smiley!