September 1, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow...

So sorry for no pictures yesterday.
Let's be honest, I was being LAZY.

But on this Wednesday Morn I am here...
to bring you pictures of our room and the beautiful Mexican scenery.

On the other sides of those suns are infact mirrors!
Gorgeous, right?

Balcony bed.
Perfect for watchin the sun set or rise...

I know, only 2 pics...
but let's be honest who would rather sit in their room....

When you could be sitting by this beautiful watering hole seaside.
99 bottles, anyone?
Gorgeous Balcony View.

And another...

Sweeet swim ups.

Pooool side view.

I'll be sitting under the coconut hut.

Playa Mujeres was beyond my imagination of what beautiful was. 
We are already planning our trip for next year..

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Because thats what all the cool kids are doing....
Just Sayin'.

Happy Wednesday Dolls,


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Looks like a great vaycay!

carrie1 said...

=) I'm smiling because I've seen all the good ones you DIDN'T post! =)

And why is my word verification CREEP???

~KS said...

Soooo jealous lady!!! Wish you would've packed me in your suitcase :)

bananas. said...

whhaaaaaaattt!!!! that place is friggen GORGEOUS!!! now THAT'S a vacation. now i can't WAIT for my trip next february.