September 24, 2010

Its your Your Party, Birthday Girl.

It seems like only yesterday, we were getting ready for your arrival the night before.
I can remember the happiness I felt and how I tossed and turned till 3am when I had to be up by 4am.
I couldn't wait to meet you.

And when I did, you were all I had ever wanted in a sweet baby girl.
God gave me more than Ballet Slippers and Bows,
he gave me you and you my darling are just perfect.
Nursing and lots of naps have passed by so fast. 
 The days of drooling and crawling have come and gone.
And crawling has turned into walking and it seems like everytime Im watching, your running.
Singing and Celebrating turning One was just last year.
Here we are at the BIG #2 and I can't help but realize time has flew.
My sweet baby girl, I love you more and more. Everyday my love grows for you.
Your kisses and your over and over again hugs are the remedy to a bad day.
 And something I couldn't be more thankful for is you.
So we celebrated your day early.
Decorations, Ballons and Presents too!

Attitude about cupcakes, but hey... its your day.
 So lets do what you want to do!
The "Mom, CUPCAKE NOW, presents later." Face.

Be happy, because today we've cleaned up nice and put on our dancin shoes.
Your family has gathered and your freinds too!

Sunday is the official Day of Big GirlHood.
I'll probably be a case of tears.

It doesn't suprise you does it?
Me either.

And today is Friday, you know what that means...
Oh yeah, Happy dance.


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

omg it looks like you shoved a ball under there!!!!! doesnt look real haha.

Aww yay happy birthday to that sweet girl :)

Rhianne said...

this is such a lovely post :) I hope you all had a wonderful day!