August 5, 2010

Woahhhh Woah Woaaah.

This week has been the busiest of the summer so far.
We had a VERY unnexpected, but very welcomed guest show up Monday night around 11pm.  
And since, I've been completely MIA.
You wouldn't believe I've been sunnin, swimming or shopping my arse off the last 3 days...
But it's completely true.

But Im playing catch up with all of your lovely blogs.

Annd tonight....

Nick goes to his Meet and Greet the Teacher.
Pray, hope and wish, I don't cry the entire time.
Momma's little boy is all GROWED up...

Hey, No worries...
 Tomorrow is Friday, right?


carrie1 said...

Whoop Whoop for Thursdays!!!

Hope you all like Nick's teacher. Let me know how it goes. =)

bananas. said...

you're a busy little bee and that's okay. that's what summers are enjoy them!