August 11, 2010

Swing Away, Sweet Bumpkin.

As bloggers we go through our lives each day expressing to the world our loves, likes, dislikes, and the things we loathe. We share our lives through words, pictures, songs, and fashion. We swoon together, we sometimes cry together, we laugh and smile with each other. We can also brighten each others day with those words or pictures that give others inspiration. It's funny to me really... how we come to LOVE or CARE for a person that sits states or a country away on their side of the computer screen, that we've seen in pictures but never really met in person. And lucky enough, we sometimes get to meet those who we care so much for in "real" life. We support one another, whether the times be good or bad....

With that said, I want you all to know how much your support is needed today, how much your words of kindness and hope, your faith and prayers help to ease the hurt and the sadness that many of us, family and friends feel today. 
She was known in this world here as "Bumpkin" and as to many others and myself as Lisa.
Her passing last night came to a shock for all of us this morning when Trish delivered the news on Lisa's blog.
It is truly a shock and saddens my heart. Her words, her pictures, her love for swings, animals, fashion, and so much more will always be missed and greatly remembered by all of us.
The tears I have cried for our dear, sweet Lisa are ones of joy and sadness. And without a doubt in my mind I know she is swinging from a cloud, looking down on us making sure we remember to smile with her. Although we never had the chance to meet each other, like we had talked about, knowing her through her beautiful blog and email was just as great of an honor. 
Today is Bumpkin's day. 
So why not celebrate her in memory with an almost Wordless Wednesday will all the things that remind me of her..  

Or maybe just meet you for the first time and I can't wait for that.

And Here is Lisa's very own Swing...
Just as beautiful as she.

Please stop by Lisa's blog and show some love to Capt. John, Trish and the rest of her family and friends.

All my warmest wishes to the Bumpkins closest,
Chrystal Louise


carrie1 said...

Perfect! ;)

bananas. said...

this news really saddened me today. seems like a lot of loss is happening all at once :(

i will always remember bumpkin as a bright light, a positive force and a warm comfort. she touched so many lives in the short time we knew her. may she rest in her paradise. she will be missed.

ag. said...

This is such a beautiful and perfect post...sending love to all those she touched.