August 9, 2010

And so they came...

It started last night...
The tossing, the turning.

Why, you say?

Because this little bitty beautiful brown-eyed boy...
Isn't that face pure perfection?

Acted alllll gorwn up and was on his way to 4K this am.
He was practically running out the door.
But for me, that wasn't happening before we
snuck in a quick photoshoot!
He felt a TAA DA! was needed.
Showing off that snazzy "Pack Back"!
Over the camera Mom, Lets GO to school!

We arrived 7:40am sharp.
Oh man, it was like someone cut the strings
and Nick Nick flew away on his own.

That's right.
My little man just let go of my hand, grabbed his teachers, and walked to his seat without looking back.

I of course almost had a melt down right then, right there.
Even made him come back and give me a hug and a kiss.

Yes, I am that embarassing Mom.

And so they came...
The tears that is.
Total 2 year old melt down happened only miliseconds after I was down the road.

And today has been QUIET.

Only a hour and a half till I go pick him up.

Hurry up 2:00pm!
I'm ready to see my Nick Nick. 


carrie1 said...

=( How was little diva, without having big brother around today?

ag. said...

oh what a sweet post! and such an adorable little boy. i hope 2pm comes quickly for you!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

TOOO cute. Yay for him getting bigger.!

Shea Posey said...

Awww! He looks so happy!! I'm glad he didn't have a meltdown. Is it sad to say I'm excited for Rosslyn to start school? I just hope she'll do ok.