July 29, 2010


#27 for Hubbs was a success.
He had fun, he laughed, he smiled,
 he even got to ride a sadle and wear a hot pink Sombrero.
And we got a babysitter for the night.

So sit back and take a look at ONE of my MOST favorite date nights ever..
But beware, there are some pictures here that are a bit...
Well you can just see for your self.


Yours Truly♥
{You Put the Lime in your.. wha?}

And hung with some friends,
that we consider family.

Mike and my girl, Malena
Or better yet, you can call them M&M.

The night started out at one of Hubbs favortie places.
A little place that has great food, good music and lots of dancing.

Speaking of dancing..
In front and center Hubbs had to boogie
to a little tune called, "Cotton Eyed Joe".

Oh and I did mention something
about a Sadle didn't I?

After this went down...
We scoured the town for our next watering hole.

There must have been something about
the pretty lights, salsa music and word Ohhh Lay
that we couldn't resist. 

And we couldn't resist the following:



Complete Soberness while I was'a textin and callin.

And then came the Birthday song and whip cream!

Oh and the Sombrero...

And then came the chips and the fight..
Let's just say Mike won.

Oh yes, I am fishing for chips.

And by the end of the night we invented a new dip.

So you see we know how to celebrate.

And like I said, BEST date night EVER.

Happy Thursday ya'll,


capperson said...

Looks like an amazing night!!!

Rissy said...

looks delicious! and mucho funo (weird that I passed intermediate spanish)

Jen said...

Ahhhhh! The Texas Roadhouse! I BIG PUFFY HEART the Texas Roadhouse. Yes, I rode the saddle too for my birthday a few years back. Good times.

Happy birthday to the hubs! You guys are so cute.

Rasha @ {andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

totally loving the pics, looks like a blassstttt!

Rhianne said...

wow, it looks like you both had such an amazing time, hurray! :)

bananas. said...

a. that lime picture is so freakin adorable of you. frame it puh-LEASE! haha.

b. cotton eye joe!!! I LOVE THAT SONG!!! i always get down to that song.

c. happy 27 to hubbers!

carrie1 said...

Okay... I feel like a total LAME-O even though I got a sneak peek at these that night....

These are classic... if only we all could look that great wasted! =)xo