June 23, 2010

Winner, Winner!! Chicken Dinner.

I'm sorry to say that you're NOT the winner of a scrumpdidydaliumptious chicken dinner, but you are in fact THE WINNER and OWNER of that pretty little clutch we've heard so much about lately!!!!


That clutch absolutely matches your amazing personality
 that shines SO BRIGHT through your blog!

If you guys don't know about this FAB lady, her sweet husband, Sean and their adorable Pup, Moses
 then you should probably scoot on over to her side of the world.
I promise you won't be sorry you did!!

Sean ♥ Chloe'

Girlfrand, get on it and Email me your info.

Thanks to everyone who entered.
Keep those eyes peeled...
there's another amazing giveaway coming up!

Hugs and Kisses...
Smoooches and love on this VERY beautiful Wednesday,


Kora Bruce [Dixie Lust] said...

Congrats Mizz Chole!

and PS to GL: I adore you, but I adore you more for "girlfrand"

Chloé said...

oh my gosh!!! are you serious!!?!? best thing to wake up to ever!! ahh! i am so excited! thank you so so much!!!! i am going to email you right now!! wahooo!!!! this seriously just made my day!!!

Rasha said...

Congrats chloe!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Hmmmm, where have I seen this background?? Lol I love it, don't you?? And thank you THANK YOU for adding our button to your blog :) So sweet of you!

You need to come over and check out my giveaway!! ASAP! xoxo