June 7, 2010

Hi Ya'll.

It's nice to be back. Our Vaycay was awesome. We seen Shamu, Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the crew! Nicholas' birthday was Friday and he had a blast celebrating at Disney. I will have pics very soon!
But before we get to that... I need to tell you something, ask you something really.

What does this ribbon mean?

There is a 16 yr old girl who goes by the name Taylor,
 who's fighting for her life at this very moment. 
Thursday her and her Mother, Selena were ran off the road due to another vehicle running a stop sign. This then caused the car to flip and to throw both of them from the vehicle.

 Taylor and her Mother were both airlifted, but to different hospitals.

Taylor was unresponsive.
She has very serious head trauma and tremmendous swelling around the brain.
Selena has 10 broken ribs, a puntured lung, broken ankle, and wrist.

Friday they opereated on Selena.
 Friday Taylors swelling was gone down by half.
Friday night, it peaked.
Leaving Tay with a 50/50 chance of survival.
She survived the operation, which means she's fighting!
Saturday, Drs put Taylor into a barbituate coma. This is basically putting her brain to sleep to allow the body to completely heal. Drs said it was better to do it now while the trauma is still within 48-72 hours rather than wait a few days. In most cases like Taylor this is the best thing for the patient to survive.
Today, her swelling is down to 20 and she is stable.
But the next few days are SO crucial for her.

Selena is stable and healing.
 Yesterday they put in a tube to drain the blood from her lung.
Selena was finally tranferred to the hospital Taylor is at.
Today she was able to walk around.

Listen ya'll, this family is very dear to me.
Since I was a little girl I looked up to Selena. 
Her heart is so BIG and an amazing mother, daughter, wife and friend.
I watched Taylor grow up from the teeny tiny, free spirited, beautiful little girl to the most kind hearted, gorgeous, young lady she is today. 
Im not the ready to stop watching her grow, along with others.

So, what Im asking from you...
Taylor and Selena need your prayers.
They are living on them right now.

Please Pray for Tay to be healed.
And also for Selena, Anthony, Blake and the rest of the Joiner family,
 as they endure this healing process for Taylor.

{And if prayer is not your thing, please keep this family in your thoughts, wishes and hopes.}

Please add the Ribbon Button on the right of my page to your sidebars.
The link directs you to their personal Prayer and Information Group on FB.
Please join the group and invite your friends on FB to do so as well.

Help me get the word out there, it would mean the world to me
and to all of the family and friends of Selena and Tay!!

The more prayers that go up, the more blessings that come down,


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

Praying hard my love.

Also, i got your email and I owe you one back!

starnes family said...

Lots of prayers coming their way. Thanks for sharing this with us.

~KS said...

I saw this on your FB too... I will be praying for them for sure! Please keep us update on how they're doing!

PS- Glad you had an awesome vacay!!

Rasha said...

Glad vaycay was awesome!! and im praying for those people!