June 25, 2010

Bikini Bottom Dare.

I've always been a bikini girl.

When I was little I could have passed as the Punky Brewster of Coppertone Baby.

No lie. I had freckles beyond freckles and a bikini bottom tan line that was ridiculous... 

And I may or may not have been dragged by my dog, by my undies, after slipping off at 5am in the morning to visit a friend. That dog's name was Shiloh and he drug me
kicking and screaming.
Bet your bottom, I never slipped off again.

I have not been in a 2 peice since Summer 2005.
It's been tankini and once peice heaven for me.

My confidence in bikini wearing has faded with 2 babies, A WHOLELOTTA stretch marks and a belly button that screams, PLEASE DON'T SHOW ME TO THE WORLD!!

But last Sunday a friend made me take the dare of all dares.
A 2 peice bikini.

I took my snow white tummy, stretch marks,
belly button that "SCREAMS, DON'T EXPOSE ME!!" 
and what little bit of confidence I had left...
and I rocked it.

I asked myself, "Why do bikini's have a label of ONLY skinny girls allowed?"

I'm not skinny, Im more of a thicky thick girl. Always have been. I have the "junk in the trunk", if you will.
I'm not lacking in the booby department either, but after breastfeeding two kids, I've nicknamed "The Girls", "The Pancakes" instead. My legs are not as toned as I would like. But hey, they aren't the full container of cottage cheese either. I have "lovedips" instead of "handles". And I have a load of stretchmarks, that Im SUPER self concious about...

But I noticed I got more and more compliments on how good I looked as the day went on.
And maybe they were just being nice.
But it totally made me feel good about myself again.

And I needed that.
Because it taught me a lesson, being beautiful doesn't mean being perfect.
And I don't have to be smooth skinned, tan, or teeny tiny to wear a bikini.
I just have to be confidant and believe in myself.

And so with all that confidence I gained Sunday,
I grabbed that bikini and hopped in the pool and completely rocked it again yesterday.

And I plan on takin one of those bikinis to Cancun.
Be on the lookout for taking a peek at some picks and helping me choose which one!

And I might, just might show you that 2 peice on.
{EEK at just the thought.}

And did you see my new Button?!



capperson said...

I need your confidence. Ever since high school I havent been a little girl. I've been a size eleven and Ihave stretch marks and am extremely white. I've never felt confident in a bating suit or anything else for that matter since I became a teenager. I'm really shy and automatically feel like I'm the worst looking girl out of all the girls in a place. I'm working on it, but I just dont know how to carry myself with that kind of confidence.

Anyways you are beautiful and thanks for making me think about trying even harder to boost my confidence :)

carrie1 said...

Here is my problem with bikini's... I don't have any junk in my trunk... so the bottoms never quite fit properly.....and the tops... well I don't like the tan lines... but the bandeu tops I feel are for the a.) the ladies with small bubbies.... or b.) or the ones who have the perfect fake bubbies... ya know.

And I am totally proud of you rocking that two piece!!

starnes family said...

Kudos, Geez Louise! No bikinis for me.......I even wear a skirt now b/c I can't stand my thighs. Maybe one day!

Rasha said...

I always was a bikini girl too, but lost some confidence... but GOOD job girlfriend, WTG! Confidence is KEY

Lacey in the City said...

Good for you! You give me inspiration to work harder on my perspective of myself. I know that you looked fabulous in your two piece! Cheers to you, girl!


Kristin said...

Wow did I need this lady. I'm only one baby in and scared of bikinis!