June 16, 2010

Are you out there?

Im starting to think some of you are sleeeping...
Because only 3 people have actually ENTERED this FAB GIVEAWAY!
So get ta' clickin' kids.

Alright, so the last time we spoke my heart was very much saddened.
Today my heart is full of joy.

Because this beautiful girl...
Is fighting back with everything she has!

Taylor is coming off her vent today, a trache will be put in and a ng tube as well! Her vent as of last night was set at 6 and her breathing was in the 40s! 2 days ago she held up a "peace" sign and gave her signature "thumbs up"!
She is stable and doing good!

 Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks of fighting back for Tay!
Selena was released last Friday and she is doing well, still in pain, but staying strong! 

People all over the United States are praying this family and especially for Tay's recovery. My hometown community has come together making bows, bracelts, t shirts, yard signs,and our towns McDonalds is even giving 15% of your purchase towards donations for this family tomorrow night, and teachers, students, family, friends and people from all different counites and cities are driving to my school's football field, just to pray for Tay.
 Their FaceBook Group has almost reached 6,400!
Saturday alone, the community raised over $10,000  at one event.
People, this is amazing.

God is SO good.

So, If your haven't already, please do so and join
Because they need it and look at the blessings already falling down....

 When you pray, Pray for Tay!


Rasha said...

Aww glad they're starting to do alright. So much support and love! do you personally know her? Or you just heard about this?

Love you lady.

carrie1 said...

That is such awesome news! YAY for TAY! =)

I only want three people to enter... that way I have a better chance at winning that cute clutch... so knock it off!

~KS said...

This is the BEST news ever... love that she flashed the peace sign and her thumbs up. Hoooooray!!

Gabby said...

I'm so happy she's doing better! What fantastic news :)

Lace said...

I'm so glad she's showing signs of recovery! I have been praying & will continue!

Yanick said...

Which there was a like buttom for blogs! Great news alllll around! So happy for all teh families.

JennyMac said...

Love the wristbands. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for your beautiful friend.

Kristin said...

Thank goodness she's doing better...the power of prayer!!