May 6, 2010

This post really has no point at all.

I need to address this.

You are lame. Please do not send Hubbs out of state AGAIN today, that would be very much appreciated.  Oh, and if it's not toooo much to ask, please send him home before 11:30pm tonight. I would really like to eat dins wit him tonight.
Thank you,
SK1 Underwood's Wife.

And today I am going to be lazy, yesterday was a very crazy day and
I for one think it is very important to relax.
Man I love Spring in Alabama.
It's amazing and absolutely beautiful.

And another thing I am loving this week....
I'm taking them too, I know, guilty.

Oh and only 55 days.
You say, "What is she rambling about now?"
Well I beg your pardon, but it's a crime if you dont already know!

Here's a little hint, see if you can guess?

Mmmhmm. Eclipse.
I am SO dang excited.
Like you didn't know that already.

I seriously had nothing today when I opened a new post.
And now you have your eye candy.

I'm going to hop in the pool.

Happy Stinkin Thrusday Boos,


carrie1 said...

Happy Stinkin Thursday to you too boo! =)

Rasha said...

Bleh for husband being away, but it will be over sooon.

YUMMMMMM FOR eclipse I can can can can can NOT wait!

Michely Medeiros. said...

loving the eye candy :)

have a great end of day!!!!

Karls said...

You're swimming and I'm wearing pants and a jumper for the first time this year... the seasons, they are a changing!

bananas. said...

oh lady i am just as excited as you about that studly vampire of a man. mmmhmm!!! and did you hear? breaking dawn...november 18th. yes. you're welcome.

Stefany said...

Oh man... I need to see New Moon still. I know, horrific that I haven't yet. I actually made plans to see it at the theater (didn't happen), rented it (never watched it) and now it is on my Netflix list.

I need an intervention with movies.

~KS said...

Eclipse... I freakin' cannot wait. I am dying. He makes me so crazy.