May 12, 2010

Please Rewind Yo'self.

Because this week really stinks for some reason.
I have had this really weird feeling all week and I'm not liking it.
It's giving me the EEEBBBIE JEEEBIES, for reals.
I haven't even felt like being by the pool this week.
Whattta bummer right?

I think I need something to get me outtta this funk.
I think I need therapy.....

Retail therapy, that is.
So tomorrow, I'm hitting the mall.

And for yesterday's commentors, A Big Thanks!
You guys are awesome, your answers really helped calm my fear of cruising!

Hubbs idea won, he always wins.
But I told him I would rather him surprise me! 
But giving him the reigns...
 of course came with a few conditions.

This mystery place has to consist of the following: 
Clear Water
Delicious Food.

But, honestly it doesn't matter where we go.
 On land, up in the sky, or on a boat at sea, because....
And I love you to peices even more everyday I have you in my life.
You are such an amazing person, your heart is so true to me.
I couldn't be more thankful for you.
{This is before the wedding and the babes, My all time FAV pic}
OH and for the record, I know Tsunami's don't hit in the ocean, they hit on beaches!
If you have not a clue as to what Im talking about, you should probably read this.



Summer {Bisfor...} said...

love this pic, darlin!

what is the weird feeling???? hope you can shake it soon.

Pippa said...

I know exactly how you feel.
No matter how bad things get for me, knowing that my lovely boyfriend is there means life is worth while :)

monica simbolon said...

Geez, Louise :)
I feel so bad to disable my comment section before. If I didn't maybe I found your blog a bit earlier. Thanks for the precious comment, it really made my night. and I just check your blog too. You really has an interesting stories :)

Rasha said...

I JUST love you gilfriend, things are going to get better. LOVE the pic.

Lizzie Ann said...

I'm following from Lady Blogger Society. I can't wait to hear where Hubs takes you for your anivacay! are fun, once you're on the boat and past the security stuff you don't even realize you are on a boat. It's great fun!

brooke said...

awww...what a sweet photo! y'all look so young...cute!

and please please please show us your retail therapy!! i need to live through SOMEONE!!!!

bananas. said...

weird feeling huh? hmmm that's not good. i say shake it off and think happy thoughts. or maybe it will just fade away. OH i know...just look at that adorable pic of you and hubs pre-wedding and babies and ohsoinlove. that should help :)

Catherine Anne said...

You two are so cute. I too know how you feel. My love is 20 hrs away and I cant wait to have him back home making me feel safe. Thank you so much for your prayers this week~