May 11, 2010

Lets talk about Shoes, dresses and vacation baby.

Lately I have been drooling over shoes and cutesy little dresses.
{This may or may not have something to do with our 5yr Anni/Vacay coming up}
It's getting serious and I have found a new overly obsessive love for Urbanog.
And these items are definitely droool worthy, in my book anyways.
Coral Pumps
Your home will be my closet, soon!
Give them a home in your closet here.

Have I mentioned I am a firm believer every girl needs a LBD.
LBD, you say?
Little Black Dress of course.
I am in love with it's one shoulder simplicity and chic little bow.
Find yours here!

And I have been dying to get my hands on some Grey pumps, just like these.
And these suede babies are all mine.
They come in 7 other different colors too.
They also have these in lime green and holy moley, those are precious.
Find your swoon worthy color here.

And I am loving these pretty little Satin Mesh Peeps.
And those Rhinestones, absolutely adorable!
If you love their sweetness, go here.

And now, let talk VACAY's!

So, we all know Hubbs and I are taking a much deserved Anniversary/NEVERBEFOREHAD Honeymoon.
And we are suddenly torn between or destination now.
BIG sad face.

So, Help me or should I say us, decide. 

Here is the spot I chose.

And Hubbs says we need to sail seas on a Cruise. I am iffy about this. Only because I am terrified of BOATS that size and out of nowhere some tsunami wave hitting. Hubbs thinks it's hilarious that Im terrified to be on a boat floating in the ocean, but I will fly in an airplane over the ocean.
I got nothing.
 But he does have a good point.
So, now it's all ya'll.
Tell me where you've been or want to go.
I need ideas people!

And so, Im off to snack on some popcorn and watch SATC movie.
Only 16 days till #2!!! I cannot wait!
And I will be rockin' those Coral Pumps to the theater, mhhhm.

Wow, Tuesdays are good,


Jen said...

I like those pretty satin/mesh pumps! They scream summer wedding to me.

Face your fear, Chrystal, and go on the cruise with your hubs. You can pick an itinerary that stops in Cancun (I'm doing one in the fall!), so you'll get your Mexico in, and splurge on a newer, bigger ship that I think you'd feel safer on (you'll feel the sea less and the "resort" more).

This fall will be my fifth cruise! I love them. They are cost-efficient (when you think about what you'd pay for accomodations, food and entertainment at a land-locked resort), and they allow you to explore multiple destinations in one trip! Plus, we always meet fun people.

Since this is your "never been had" honeymoon and a special occasion, I'd recommend Celebrity or Princess since they are a little more upscale and geared toward couples.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i absolutly need a pair of red high heels in my closet even coral maybe :) and the grey suede pumps are to LOVE worthy!!!

Rasha said...

love them coral pumps!

capperson said...

I'm loving them shoes and them lime green shoes are AMAZING!!! Love the lbd :)

RNSANE said...

Well, having done 88 cruises in my life - 77 in the past 15-1/2 years, all over the world, four of them transatlantic, I don't understand anyone's fear of cruising. I love being at sea and ships are like cities at sea, with casinos, shopping, great restaurants, spas, etc. If you're nervous, try a short jaunt but I think a longer cruise is uch more fun.

bananas. said...

ooh lady i hope you bought everything you listed above. you can not only wear them to see SATC 2 but what about that honeymoon? eh? eh? haha. you gotta look hot for your man right!

not that you don't already but shoes, well shoes change your life so DO IT!

carrie1 said...

Thank you for introducing me to Urbanog.. never heard of it before, until now. =)

I LOVE ST. Maarten. =) Mexico is nice too. =) Or Jamiaca.

And I love cruising too... you should give it a try.