May 5, 2010

Hey there good loookin'.

Let's play catch up shall we?

Mr. Dr Man,
 please give my Momma some answers,
 sooon please.
That would make me happy.
And make me worry less.
Also, I really LOATHE being home alone.
But, I am glad Hubbs is there to help with the oil spill.
BP as soon as your done with Hubbs, send him home please?
The wife that hasn't had a break today and is on her 2nd glass of Polka Dot,
Mrs. SK1 Underwood

I don't like cleaning, laundry, or grocery shopping...
and yet this is all you consisted of.
But, I do like Sushine and Family.
Atleast you gave me one of those.
And it wasn't Sushine.
Let's make sure you remind MR SUN he needs to visit this weekend.
Your pasty white girl,

You made me happy.
Thank you for giving me
Sister time and Top Shelf Magaritas.
But Sunday, I don't like it when Hubbs has to pull an all dayer.
It stinks when he is gone all day.
Next Sunday he has off.
 Fingers crossed,
The Little Sister

Let's be honest, you just suck.
This pretty much sums up my feelings towards you.
Mondaynight, you got even worse.
Monday, please be better next week?
Chrystal Louise

I don't like a day that consist of weighing my options and thinking non stop.
The pool was nice though.
Thanks for the sunshine.
Sunnin makes me happy,
 Yah Boo C

You are being good to me.
Thank you.
When my kids are done being grouchy little monsters,
we can play by the pool...K?
Nap time is coming.

So yes, my weekend/mid week has been quite crazy.
I thought I would spare you from my bad mood on Monday and Tuesday.
And that explains my being MIA.

But really, today is good.
 The sun is shining and Im Smiling.

And sometimes I think we all just need to remember...

Little fact you may not know....
I am Quater Hispanic.
And it's Cinco De Mayo.
Just sayin'.

OHHHHH LAYYY and Happy Stinkin' Wednesday,


starnes family said...

That totally entitles you to as many margaritas as you want today! Enjoy!

carrie1 said...

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Hopefully the rest of the week/weekend will be perfect for you. =)

Rasha said...

I love you and Things are going to be better...T ake the time to spend with yourself and hubs will be back before you know it.


Seyma said...

ohhh, i just fell in love with you right now!! you just made my evening.. (attention: cause it's evening here). you made me smile and i loved all those quotes you put in it..

thanks luv!!

hope you'll be so much better tomorrow!!


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

thank you for this, my love. it helped me smile and i really needed it.

Kristin said...

Ohhhhh lady. Boy do I know how it is to live for naptime. The dude was particularly grumpy today. I'm praying he stays asleep for a bit longer. Mama needs some java! I hope your Mom is ok!!