April 13, 2010


And it feels like it's been...

I haven't logged into blogger in 2 weeks and I've lost more followers, bummer YES!
So, where should I start.
Oh yeah, I have missed you all so much Seriously, I've been having CRAZZY withdrawls ya'll.

And to the ones who stuck through my crazy, spaztic, MIA period, Thank you from the bottom of my stinkin heart yall!
You guys are truly the best!

Alright so, I was reunited with my friend Mrs. Cannon Camera, Easter weekend...
 Lemme tell you, we can't handle a long distance relationship...
It's just not possible. 
We are like Peanut Butter and Jelly yo.

I have wayyy to much to photograph, like our new place.
Which will come later this week...
when ALL of the rest of the 13 boxes are completely unpacked...
And then some, when I get finished redecorating our new little place.

5 reasons to clarify why I have not been unpacking, blogging, ect...
1. I was lazy the week after moving.
2. We went home Easter weekend.
3. We just got back Sunday.
4. I'm sick and exhausted.
5. I've had this "It's not going anywhere." attitude.
Seriously, someone please slap it out of me!

So, I should probably tell you about my time at home last week, shouldn't I?
Don't mind if I do...

 I spent some well deserved Mother and Daughter time with my Mommy.

I talked her into getting a 2nd opinion and she took me up on it.
The DR took 9 tubes of juice and ran 3 test at the hospital. 
He's also sending her to a Neurologist and then to a Orthapedic Dr.
And hopefully SOOOON she will get he answer we've been waiting for.
Which is to be pain freeee!!!

And the crap DR who gave her 5 years...
Because the new, smarter, answerfinding Dr. says thats CRAP and just not the case...
 Crap Dr get a big fat
 Realizing how hot Alabama can get in Spring. Wowza, 86 degreees.

 Remembering how amazing it feels to relax with your friends and family.

Not rushing and taking in the time to just breathe.

Oh and how I LURVE getting to spend all the time in the world with this lady.
Mare Bear.
My BFF/Twilight lovingSisternLaw.
Oh yes. She loves her some RPattz too.

After swoooning our little hearts out this weekend and watching that sack of hotcakes Sparkly Vamp like 4 times, I have decided I needed a break...
And then I thought...

I am ready for JUNE 30th.
I already have my Team Edward shirt ready to check out here!!

Oh and I was given a new nickname this weekend.
Seriously, kid?!
I am all Alabama Born and Raised, Not a Jersey Girl.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Boos from Jersey.


Then I remembered because I lost my brain and forgot Mrs. Cannon Camera, I need to post some long over due pics of St Patty Day's night.

I will spare the horrid details which happend after I consumed 4 beers, 3 dirty pink panties (BAHA, I love you Nikki for the name, I die.) and 1whiskey and lemon juice concoction, and last but not least a loosing game of BP with Elbows (dont ask. Im not sure myself.) and Hubbs.
Let's just say BEFORE the dirty pink panties, mystery whiskey concoction, and BP I was having a splendid night.
And let me justify something...
I DO NOT EVER drink. I'll admit, I'm a pansi..
 I am more of the 1 beer or maybe two with dins and then Im donzo kind of gal.
Let me just say I totally Let my SHAM ROCK, Maybe a little tooooo much.

Mah Boos.


{Look at my ears, now do you get the Sham Rock joke?!}
Yeah, I know. Cheesy.
But you love me. :)

Okay, so nothing tooooo crazy but I thought I would share some.

I will be commenting, catching up with all your blogs and even checking out some of you I haven't had the chance to! 
Oh and MOST IMPORTANTLY, being a good bloggy friend.

Oh and PS, I promise I haven't ignored you if you've emailed or commented here.
I have like a mill emails unread.
Booo at me!

BTW, It's good to be back.
HUGE X's and O's.


Rhianne said...

hurray! I'm glad you're back lovely. Thats great news about your Mum - I hope everything works out much better this time round xx

Caro said...

Welcome back!!!!

nicole addison said...

i never understood why when we take breaks from blogging people unfollow. that makes no sense to me. BUT im still here, and loving you as always:)
{but if you quit twitter i may have to abandon you... yours (and rashas) tweets keep me going some days!}

Rasha said...

I loveeeeee you and iM sooooo glad you are back, and those pics rock and i will never leave you and aweee to nicoles comment

Trish said...

Welcome back! Sorry you may have lost followers but you have ME and I'm NEW! YAY! I love your blog. Such cuteness. :)

capperson said...

Welcome back! I love the pics!

bananas. said...

you had me at "dirty pink panties". ha!

welcome back lady! sounds like you've been busy having fun and getting shmasted! that's wasted said in drunken form.