April 23, 2010

It's Definitely Friday

ubbs has the day off and we are off to the pool, bright and early.

This is what I'm guessing paradise is like.
Our weekly schedule has included the following:
Wake up.
Eat Breakfast.
Lather with 10Layers of Coppertone.
Bathing Suits on.
Out the Door at 10:30.
Swim, Play, Tan till 12:30-45ish.
Lunch, Naps.
Out the door again at 2:45-3ish till 5:00.
This week has been NICE and the weekend we are planning is getting even better!

I also watched the entire 1st season of True Blood, thanks to Comcast on Demand.
Holy Smokes, that show is...
well, words can't explain what I actually think about this show.
If you watch you too, Im sure you feel the same aweness I am feeling.

This weekend we will be hanging out with some of our friends.
There will probaby be lots of sunnin' {If your from the South, you know I mean tanning}, laughing, playing with the babes and lots of wine drinking.
Sounds to me like it's going to be a pretty amazing weekend.

See ya'll on Monday.
And Monday, I turn 23.

 Happy Stinking Friday!


carrie1 said...

I'm jealous you are going to be laying out at the pool. Its like 75 here, but overcast with a breeze.=(

Have a good weekend. =)

Rasha said...

YAYYYY for the weekend and the fun week planned and your birthday sooooo soon!!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Love Trueblood, dying for season two to come out on DVD!

Karls said...

True blood! Like vampire porn.... LOVE IT!

Sounds like a rad weekend ahead for you! It's 29 (celcius - I think it's about 84-85f) here today... we are supposed to be heading towards winter? I live in THE BEST climate...ever!

Remember to slip, slop, slap! That is slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat - an Aussie saying that is drilled into our heads from childhood - we have the highest skin cancer rates in the world.