April 20, 2010

Alright Tuesday, you need to back up.

You're starting to feel like a Monday. And that's just NOT cool, okay?
{Warning! Before going any further, this is post is very random and not planned. And kinda sort of long.}

And somedays like today, this is the prayer that gets me through.

So, I've been fighting for the look I'm trying to capture here.
I've never used a premade template.
What do you think?
We are going though a LOVE/HATE relationship right now.
If you like it, find yours here.

Just like I'm fighting for a look, while redecorating our new little place.
I enjoy change, change is good.
I have a million images and ideas in my head of the goal I have for this little place.
It's slowly coming together.
But, I'm not allowed to paint here & thats really not fair considering the fact, I know of 4, forsure apartments that are painted and 2 of them are people who work in the office.
Hypocritical? Why yes, I do believe so.

And today...

Because I know there are things I can't control.
So, I shouldn't pout.
I really need to be more thankful.

Like smiling when God doesn't put the sun out, because maybe the Sun needs a break too.

For carrying on a 3 hour telephone conversation with my Mother Dearest
and talking about incredibly irrelevant stuff.
And it turns out to be one of our most favorite chats.

To have a husband who wakes me every morning to give me my meds,
because I NEVER remember to take them myself.

For a few amazing friends, that no matter what, will always love me
Despite my 2 year old poutyness at times.

And coming to realization that the life I live
 is never going to be perfect,
 Right infront of me.

And that's good enough for me.

Happy Tuesday ya'll,
Geez Louise


Rasha said...

I love this post its was cute and just what I needed :)

p.s. I LOVE the background!!! its SO cute.

capperson said...

Cute post :)

bananas. said...

you're so cute! you really do have a lot to smile for even when today is not your day.

hugs love.

Sara said...

What a sweet post! Thanks for the reminder that we are all truly blessed with everything we have.

Emma Jade said...

i love this post
that crossed fingers pic is so adorable!