March 19, 2010

Springy Springy Spring Time!

Let me start off by sayin I am NOT a morning person.
I need my coffee before I can even sway to opening an eyelid!
So, this morning was a COMPLETE shocker.

VIA WeHeartIt
I woke to birds chirping, sweet little chirping birdies...
Not Davony Squawking Birdy kind of birdies.
(If your wondering why I am reffereing to my sweet dumpling as a bird, please read yesterdays post.K? Thanks!)

It was music to my ears and it was yet so peaceful to wake up to! So, Today my friends I am all smiles, sparkles and coffee'd up. Oh what a perfect morning and just when I thought it couldn't get better I checked the weather on my phone and what do I see???

It is 10:30AM and it has already reached 62 warm spring degrees, I am SO FLIPPIN happy about this...
You're probably wondering why I am happy about 62 measly degrees, well...
This has been Bamas most brutal winter in years and it hasn't reached this temp in the am in MONTHS people.
If I could get my booty over I'd do a backflip....

So, here we are.
Today is beautiful and the sun is shining brighter than it has in weeks!
The Babes and I are coming out of hibernation and going to play outside today.
This my friend is going to be a great day.
And Im feeling Alive.
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Need a Funny Story today?? 
Nick says, "Mommy look at my muchtash."
(Mommy says to herself first, "Nick that is the most BADARSE thing I've ever seen. I seriously have the coolest 3 yr old kid alive.") 
Mommy says, "NICHOLAS, that is the most awesomest, terrific MUCHTASH I've ever seen! Great Job Kiddo! You are an amazing muchtash maker!"
Wanna see the coolest kid made stache ever? Please click here!!!
He knows exactly how to make me smile!!

Weekend plans? What are yours?
I am going to be packing, like you didn't know this already.
I'm having a Twilight Night with my girls, Ash and Mir!
I am too excited about this, like seeing Edward 4 times this week isn't enough?? Of course not.

So, It's finally the day we all look foward too!
Have a Happy Stinkin' Friday Ya'll!

X's and O's,

Oh and PS, DONT forget to HAPY DANCE!


carrie1 said...

Nothing like a pink stach! =) Toooo cute. =)

Glad your having a good day! I am getting ready to go outside and enjoy our nice weather here. =)

Rasha said...

He is so cute and yayyyy for friday and nice days!!!!!!

Michely Medeiros. said...

oooh man im loving this weather!!! i will have smiley faces all weekend long why because we have straight 70 degree weekend :) {happy dancing with cheesy smile}

have an awesome weekend and enjoy the lovely spring weather :D

Pippa said...

SUCH a cute little boy story :) Kids are adorable!!! :)
Wish it was hot over here :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Now I think my Friday really sucked. Can I just redo today through you vicariously. I would love to Happy Dance, you can tell we are close in proximity, we Happy Dance in Mississippi too!
I'd bet you even go to Wally World!

Alyssa said...

Oh gosh he is the cutest little thing ever! Its a damn fine stache!!

bananas. said...

happy dance, done!!! loving this sunny, fun-filled weekend. hope you're enjoying yours with that cute muchtache of a boy you got there ;)

Kristin said...

Ok, thanks lady! I've been properly inspired to sparkle. I'm gonna java it up and go enjoy the day!

Vinda Sonata said...

great and inspiring story! love the positiveness reflected in this post. and i like ed cullen too. i was so smitten the first time i saw him in twilight. what a stunner!

Rhianne said...

that is the most BADARSE muchtash I've ever seen - love him!