March 3, 2010

Packing it up and move it out....again.


I can't start to tell you how many times I've tried writing this post.
Probably a dozen.

But when the words are written they soon get erased because for some reason Im scared you, my friends will judge me. But, then I say to myself, "Well, this is MY blog and MY place to vent." So I know you all have been wondering whats been going on and whats been so stressful that I felt like I had to take a break. I've even contacted a few of you and wanted you to guest post for me in the coming weeks...but I haven't explained why and that just didn't make sense. So, here I in the face from not wanting to tell you, because a part of me feels unstable and embarassed. I know I need to remember that I should not care who judges me, life throws things in your face and you just have to deal and sometimes you can't control those certain things.
 I just have to make better for my family and for myself!

Okay Here goes.
This is going to be sort of a long post, so just stick with me.
Remember I am not throwing myself a pity party, Im actually being an adult about this.
Because thats what I have to do.

So when we moved into Little Yellow House, we were amazed at it's beauty and it's homie-ness. We couldn't believe this house was for rent as cheap as it was, especially it being right smack in the middle of Mobile's gorgeous downtown district! But then the bills got higher, the gas bill specificly. But I've been told, Money doesn't grow on trees. We are in love with this house, just not the $600 gas bill we recieved last month and the $500 one we recieved yesterday. If we add up rent plus all of our utlities together it is like paying $1,700 a month. This is a feed my family or pay the gas bill kind of situation. Uncle Sam only gives you so much every month and that "so much" isn't covering the gas bill. I'm not really sure who has that kind of money, but it's not me...thats for sure. So for the last month, we've been in and out while Landlord has shown the house to possible's been the most stressful situation I think I've ever had to deal with. For one, if he didn't find someone to rent, we had to live out our lease. For two, not knowing when we were moving out and tyring to find a place to live, is not the easiest of situations.

So two days ago he found a new tenant.

So, for the next 3 weeks we will be packing and moving into our new place March 26th.
Can you understand my embarrassment and my feeling unstable?

But, It is what it is!
And I'm dealing with it.

The new place will be our home for the next 2 years or longer...
depends on Hubbs transfer date.

 We are reclaiming our names as packing rats again.
 I don't like neglecting this little blog, it's not it's fault. I guess what Im saying, Im taking all applications for
Guest Posters.

I will be stopping in and saying hello...
As much as I would love to be here everyday for the next 3 weeks, that would be near impossible to do.
If anyone wants to guest post for me, please email me.

Tomorrow we are leaving to go home for the weekend.
This beautiful little girl is celebrating the BIG ONE Saturday!
This is my precious neice, Mattie!
She also goes by Nanner.
 I love her to peices and peices!

I also have some Matron of honor duties I have to fufill on Friday.
Reception Menu, Flower Shop, Invitation Shopping, Save the Date Shopping and just some good one on one with my bestest frand in the whole wide world, Mergz.

My laundry looks like it vom'd all over my floor.
So, obviously I am washing clothes today.

OH and I almost forgot...
I love my Munchkins.

Ya'll have a great Wednesday!


Shelby said...

Awh, I am sorry that you are having to leave the house that you love. I hope that you are able to fall in love with the new one. I am so glad that you were able to find somewhere else to live so quickly. I know that can be so stressful. I am sorry. If you would like I can do some guest posts for you. I would love to help out. :)

Have a fabulous wednesday, enjoy your kiddo's. :)

♥ shelby

Stefany said...

Chrystal, are you kidding? You are embarrassed/ashamed or this? Honey, shit happens. If you knew then what you know now, you wouldn't have moved in the house. No one can fault you for this. It isn't like you are choosing to spend money on video games instead of your bills. That is an outrageous bill and I can totally understand why you needed out.

I am glad it is all working out. I wish you the best!

~KS said...

No need to feel ashamed by dear.... sounds like you're dealing with real life... and no matter, we will always love you. If I was closer, I would so lend a hand with the packing... but since I can't do that, I will gladly guest post.
Hang in there lady- you are amazing and this will simply make you stronger. Love you lots!!

starnes family said...

Totally understandable. We're renting an old house, too, and were shocked to see our electricity bill at $150ish and our gas at $200. Seriously?! It's very difficult on us in the winter.

Rasha said...

Not sure why you would ever feel embarrassed, it happens that life. I love you and so glad you shared with me before hand. xoxo

Bathwater said...

I want to guest post, no seriously and moving is stressful but it is nothing to feel embarrassed about. Sometimes when things look too good there is a reason why. I'll submit my post via email.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Geez Louise, I thought you were going to jail, or an institution of some sorts.
Wow, all that worry over what we would think of you because you have to move to a more affordable home in this economy. We love you more than that, and don't under estimate that we will be there for you whatever the case.

Sara said...

No need to feel embarrassed at all! First priority is you and your family. And wow, that's a high gas bill. I wonder if the new tenants know what they're getting into???
Good luck with the packing and moving. Deep breaths. Everything happens for a reason.

Lace said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry lady. That is stressful and all consuming, but there is nothing to be embarrassed about. That is a lot of money for rent... you could be paying a mortgage with that kind of money. No need to go throwing it on a gas bill, ya know? I feel for you guys having to shift your life a little again. Ick, never fun. If you need me to guest post to fill some space, you just let me know! Throwing up a little prayer that the next three week go smoothly for you! xo

Caro said...

I hate the stress that bills are putting you through. Money is a cause of so many negative things.
I believe everything happens for a reason, who knows what will happen in your new place (maybe you find a stack of money hidden behind a secret wall that leads you to a batman cave) ;)

bananas. said...

oh lady, that is stressful!!! you poor thing. no need to feel embarass...$500-600 is a shitload!!! ughhh.

well thank gawd you get to move out and not deal with that anymore. and ps. whenever you get sad, look at those two faces you produced. your munchkins are the cutest!

Rhianne said...

You have no reason to feel embarrassed at all, food and the wellbeing of your family comes first. I'm sad that you have to leave your house but at least you were renting and you can move out easily enough - you will find the perfect house for you and yoru family don't worry.

We're going to start looking for a new place soon - even though we love our house now - it just gets too cold, if we did heat it up properly I should imagine our bills would be as big as yours!

If you need anymore guest posters then let me know (

hugs x

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry for all your stress. That is an astronomical gas bill. Thank goodness you were able to get out! Here's something that might cheer you up. Check out the 5th row down!