March 11, 2010

It's A Spring Thing...

Hey There! Lacey here from Lacey in Love!
Chrystal was sweet enough to allow me take over these parts for the day & I couldn't be more excited because I think she's just the cutest. I know you agree, because hi, you're here!
Anyway, let's do the dang thing!

I've noticed a trend in blog posts recently...
Everyone has it! We all want to wear skirts and flip flops.
We want to go to the beach and have picnics and fly kites and all of those great things that come along with spring.

But uhm, let's talk about something else that comes along with Spring, shall we?
Spring Break.
(Now, I'm 25, so I'm geriatric in the spring break world... but I do have a few thoughts on it.)
I never did the whole crazy spring break with the friends thing.
Did you?
I just couldn't picture myself there.
I'm no angel, but I've also never felt the urge to play naked twister ifyaknowwhatimean.
I'd much rather the relaxing, drink in my hand, floating on a raft, nice dinners, good book magazine kind of spring break.
Other activities that were never on my to do list for Spring Break:
Wet t-shirt contests
[What's up with Judy Attitudy over on the right? Ya' know what? You can't even be mad at her for ruining the picture, because HELLO, look at those amazing high waisted pink leopard bottoms she's sporting.]
Bikini Bull Riding[This classy broad decided her underthings would work just fine. The poor bull probably contracted something nasty that night]
Sex Position Contests
[Yeah, I put up a picture of Gumby riding Pokey because the pictures to go along with this one were just too dirty... and the people were fully clothed. You've never thought of Gumby & Pokey in such a way, have you? Well, now you have!]
Margarita Wrestling

eerrrrrrrrkkkk(screeching sound)
Hold the phones.
Margarita wrestling?
Alright, alright... I might have to do a take-back on this one, because c'mon...
A workout, a bath & a drink all in one?
That's just plain economical.


Happy Thursday, y'all!
Thanks to Chrystal for letting me take the reigns &
to you for listening to me ramble about pure nonsense!
x's and o's


Pippa said...

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capperson said...

HAHA I love this!! I'm only 18, but I've never done the spring break thing either. For spring break this year I am doing the opposite of everyone else. I will be going to New York instead of Florida!

Mari said...

Lacey!!!! lol I love this post! so much lol...I feel the same way about EVERYTHING you just wrote and I'm laughing hard right now...goodness I miss Gumby so much...but now that is on such a weird level right now lol

The Daily Dose said...

The gumby & poky picture really got my attention. Now, I'm just disturbed. Thanks Lace!

Rachel McPhillips said...

That Margarita wrestler is serious! I'm glad I'm not on the receiving end of that death stare!

Miss Angie said...

LOL, Lacey I adore you. Yum Margaritas!

Rasha said...

LOL i feel the same too.... Ima just be relaxing... not margarita wresling or wet t shirts~