March 18, 2010

Hope you got lucky...


I know, I know, I know.
You probably think that I forgot to post about Day Day's pageant, but no...
I was too stinkin excited to post yeasterday about her pageant UNTIL I was informed my camera's aren't in Hubbs trunk, they are infact sitting all by their lonesome on the couch at the Momma and Papa n' Laws house.

So this means it's a waiting game.

But I will go ahead and tell you my little dumpling did not win, (SADFACE) but she did get crowned for beauty in her division.
Which I am ecstatic about. She was adorable and threw one of those, "I will turn around when I want to Mommy, not when you want me too!" tatrums on stage. It was priceless. She smiled and squawked. Yes, squawked. She is a little drama queen. My child does not scream, it sounds like a squawking bird of some kind. It's quite hilarious, but ear jarring at times. Anyways, off the subject. She looked beautiful and had fun, other than me trying to turn her around and her throwing a fit. I am proud of her!

So, news is you have to wait on pictures and video for 2 more weeks. I have a few pics of her up on Facebook that Justin's Aunt took. But until then wait patiently for me. Please?!

Oh and I watched Remember Me last night. Mr. Pattz makes me drool gives one heck of a performance in this movie. You will not be sorry if you see if, it's truly amazing.
Oh and just when I thought this man couldn't get more beautiful...I was wrong, Tyler totally tops Edward. Just sayin.

So I'm off to be a packing rat for the eve'.
Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE packing?!

Oh, it's definitely almost Friday.



Karls said...

Tell me she wasn't dolled up with a full face of make up and a spray tan? Haha! Can't wait to see the pics! So delightful!

Rasha said...

Ohhhh little miss is sooooooo cute. I just love her, and ummmmmmm I totally want to be helping you pack or watching remember me, right now!

Emma Jade said...

Oooh well done Davony!
Oh I want to see Remember Me! No one beats Edward though!!

Michely Medeiros. said...

omg!!!! your little girl is too adorable :) and remember me is/was absolutley a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!!!!

~KS said...

Hi dear friend... I suck. I still owe you a guest blog post and I swear to the good Lord I will still help!!! Yikes... life has been crazy.

Day Day looks aadorable... sooooo cute!!!

And I saw Remember Me over the weekend... LOVE HIM EVEN MORE now! How is that possible???!?!? Excellent movie...

starnes family said...

I love that she squawked. Awesome!

bananas. said...

so far, i've been hearing great things on remember me. i may suck it up and go see it. i heart edward but r.patz is not edward but i'll give it a try ;)

have a great night hun!

your nannerkins (i like the nickname)

carrie1 said...

K.... I went and saw Remember Me last night... loved the movie, but I still love Edward of Tyler.

Tyler just seemed a little grungy to me. Cute grungy.. .but still grungy. =)

Can't wait to see Day-Day's pictures! =)