March 17, 2010

Hi Geez Louise Readers! Its Rhianne here from For the easily distracted...
As soon as I read about Chrystal's issues with renting I completely understood and I knew I had to help out with a guest post. Our past 3 homes together have each been rented and although I have loved them all, after a while issues have arisen in each one that made us decide to move.

So just for day dreaming purposes I decided to put together a list of things I would love in my ideal house. I've never wanted a big house so it might be fun trying to squeeze everything in one day!

In my ideal house I would have:

(Cosy reading room via Apartment Therapy)

A reading room/library. No xbox, no tv... just lots of books, a fireplace to keep warm, mismatched furniture and a photo montage on the wall

(how perfect does this room look!)

(Left: via Down and Out Chic. Right: via OurCityLights )

A yellow feature wall. I love yellow and I think it showcases both these plates and pictures beautifully.

(Attic Trundle Bed via You Are My Fave)

A sleeping nook for hiding away in once the day is over...

and enjoying a quick nap.

I reckon I could fit these in easily enough! And if I had space then perhaps a breakfast nook, a gorgeous little garden and a few puppies and kittens to love and play with!


Rasha said...

gorgeous pics, i want house like that too!

starnes family said...

How funny......I actually posted that first picture when I wrote about my transition of design. I love it!

carrie1 said...

I <3 this library! =) Can I copy you?

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

thank you for this, RHI RHI! I love that wall of photos and want to do something similar in my place.

great guest post.

capperson said...

I love this especially that first room!

Karls said...

Reading room? Fo shiz! I think I might have to sell up and move - just so I can have a reading/relaxing paradiso!

Catherine Anne said...

LOVE it all

Jen said...

The sleeping nook is darling! And, I always wanted a library in my house too, but now I have a house and no library. Maybe in our next house; the tough sell of it is my boyfriend doesn't like to read, and he doesn't even like my books in the house! LOL... So maybe just a corner with a chair and a couple of bookcases?

Micaela said...

GREAT guest blogger for this cuuute blog i've discovered :)

i love the display of plates and photographs against a yellow wall (yellow- so my friend rhianne! love it)