March 23, 2010

Hey all! If you don't know me already, then let me introduce myself. I
am ~KS, from While We're Waiting. I am popping by to keep you company
while Chrystal is off... living life, keeping busy, unpacking boxes...

Speaking of life... have you found that sometimes life seems to come
with a soundtrack? I have countless playlists on my iPod, and each one
is meant for a certain day. A moment. A feeling... I've been listening
to one playlist (titled Whatever Gets You Through) on repeat as of
late. Not so much because it's how I feel, but because a friend of
mine is hurting. His heart is broken... into a million pieces, and he
can't quite put them back together. I want to hurt for him... so he
can be whole. I want to see him smile. I want to make it better. And I
can't... You know how it goes. I can't stop the down pour, but I can
sit with you in the rain. So this is what we're listening to...
Breakeven, The Script

I'll Say I'm Sorry Now, Shawn Colvin
It's Not Over, Secondhand Serenade
a Little More of You, Ashley Chambliss
One Safe Place, Marc Cohn
Walk Away, Ben Harper
The Fear You Won't Fall, Joshua Radin
Life is Hard, Eric Durrance
For You, Duncan Sheik
Come Back, Xavier Rudd
If You Want me To, Ginny Owens
Let Go, Lindsay McCaul
What If You, Joshua Radin
We're So Far Away, Mae
All I Know, Matt Wertz
The Mess I Made, Parachute
The End Where I Begin, The Script

Over and over and over... until he's all put back together. Do you
have certain songs that get put on repeat? Tell me what's on your
iPod... I'm gonna need some new stuff at some point!


Rasha said...

Hi, k!! I feel like Im on repeat too.. and I def listen to songs on repeat. You def, listed some good ones, I love secondhand serenade... and I love love Mae! check them out.

p.s. lovvvinggg the header C!

sprinkles said...

I've never heard of most of these songs! Will have to check them on on youtube.

Hope your friend heals soon. You're a good friend.

Caro said...

I have a few, one I never get tired of is a really really old song by Tommy Edwards it's called At the end of a rainbow.

LeAnn said...

I'm the same way with my music... I have different music for different moods.. right now i'm addicted to my shinedown channel on (which is amazing!)

When I'm mad, my favorite thing is Wasteland by 10 Years or By the Way by Theory of a Deadman.

Happy stuff- Everything by Michael Buble`, Smile by uncle cracker, Take my hand by shawn mcdonald.

I listen to alot of sad stuff...whether or not i'm sad. But nothing beats some Miranda Lambert. My favorites are Break me Down and There's a wall.

Karls said...

Man you are one serious sweet heart! Even got some Aussie Xavier in the mix for good measure!

The Cottage Cheese said...

You are such a sweet friend KS, he is lucky to have you! I hope his poor heart heals soon. Hmmm...stuff on my iPod that I always go back to: The Shins, Spoon, Eames Era, The Zombies, Mudcrutch (Tom Petty's old/new band), Feist, Andrew Bird. And some good Pandora mixes I've been listening to: Vampire Weekend, Talking Heads, Lou Reed, and Jonathan Richman. My husband and I are Pandora fiends - we always have a mix playing in the kitchen for a few hours at least 4 days a week while we cook, clean (drink beer, hang out).

Ela said...

Hi Chyrstal, stopping in from KS's, you've such a cute blog!

KS you are so darn sweet. I hope your friend stops hurting soon.