March 12, 2010

Crazy Habits

Hey, hey, hey everyone… It’s Carrie over at Just a Girl. Mrs. Chrrys asked me to be a guest blogger on her lovely page, and of course I couldn’t say no. =)

So let’s begin shall we…..

CrAzY habits, we all have them. Some more then others, some are big some are small.
I asked Chris to list a few of my crazy habits……

- I don’t’ like when you get crazy when I don’t talk to you as much as you want me too
-when you eat late at night
-when you bitch at me when I drive (yet you’re the only one that has been in an accident)
-when you baby Layla (she's just a dog)
-when you avoid confrontation and get upset but don’t always tell people how you feel
-how you want to spend 3 days in Target

Those are just a couple off the top of my dome.

(Let me just state, I have NOT been in an accident while I was driving. I have only been in one accident, and that was when I was little and someone t-boned our van.)

Here are a few of my noticeable crazy habits…
~ I order extra ice in all my drinks (it doesn’t get as watered down as fast)
~ I make the bed a night (I have to have the sheets nice and neat before I crawl in bed)
~ I like blue pens over black pens
~ I have to put lotion on before I go to bed, and then I immediately go and rinse off my hands
~ Yelling at Chris to drive slower
~ Eating two French fries at a tim
~ Gagging when I brush my tongue
~ Cleaning my ears out with q-tips after I get out of the shower and then again after I am done blow drying my hair

I am sure I have a TON more, but you know how it goes, when you are actually trying to think of some juice stuff to give away on yourself... you mind draws a blank!
Happy Friday everyone! =)

P.S. Chrrys.... we love ya girl..... hurry up and get back to us ASAP! =) xox


Bathwater said...

Carrie you are as normal as normal can be-- considering ;).

Rasha said...

hahaha cute post.

I use blue over black too and some more of your habits!