March 22, 2010

Attending to some Bidnazz.

Okay, lets talk about something real for a moment.
When I first started blogging I didn't expect anyone to read the jazz I wrote down.
I didnt' expect 72 follwers a few months later, nor did I ever expect to meet some of the most amazing ladies in the world here, but I did and I can't be thankful enough for all of you that follow me and comment.
Everyone of you are so supporting and down right honest...
I couldn't ask for better people or better yet, lets call you, friends.

With that said...
My life has been a rollercoater this past month. I haven't had the sanity or time to check everyone new out or comment like I usually do. But I don't have to explain why...cause you already know.

So, this morning I logged onto blogger, read a few blogs, scrolled back up and was kinda crushed to find that I had lost a few of you.
No biggie though, I started following myself today.
Just beacuse I totally support myself and maybe I did it, just becaue I'm that cool.

Alright. On with the show.

Seriously this weekend was amazing.
Twilight party.
(Oh Edward! How you Sparkle. Le Sigh.)
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese icing.
Taking pictures in boxes.
Wearing shorts and Shades all day.

I got to rock my shorts and plaid shirt this weekend, I was so stinking giddy.

PROOF. Bathroom Sesh.
 (It's not really dirty. The lighting in my bathroom just really sucks.)

Oh yes, it was BEAUTIFUL this weekend.
I was in love with the SHINING SUN and WARM weather.

Mr. Sun was so bright I figured it was smart to keep my peepers safe.
Inside too :)

So, now it's feezing.
I'm hating that Bia, Mother Nature right now!
She needs to make up her stinking mind.

This weekend is the BIG MOVE.
Im ready.
Im tired of boxes and packing.

Its a new start for us.
And maybe this new start makes me wanna redecorate.
I think it's in the mix.
Zebra print. Candy Apple Green. Beautiful iron Crosses.
Im in. Are you?

But today is Monday and for some reason I having a GRAND DAY!
Weird right??

Well, my beautiful friend KS is not having the happiest day.
So, go show her some love.
 Right Now. Right HERE.


starnes family said...

I heart KS and you, too! Good luck with the move. I'll be thinking about you!

Rasha said...

I love you.

I love K! and i showed her love this morning.

I will never stop following you.

You look hot in that pictureeeeee

I totally loveeeee that you're almost finished packing

and I hear you on the weather. Today is beautiful though.

carrie1 said...

Ahh... we had a gorgeous weekend here too in the 80's on Saturday and 70's yesterday! =)

As for today.... not so pretty. =(

Jen said...

<3 your outfit, and you! I'm still here! I didn't unfollow. :-)

It was that way in my part of the country this weekend too. Yesterday was a bit chilly for shorts, but I definitely would have been rocking them Saturday if there weren't in basement storage! We even grilled hot dogs outside on the grill last night for din-din! Yum!

Emma Jade said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Good luck with the move..

Sara said...

Glad you had a good weekend. You deserve that! Good luck with the move. I know it'll be a relief when it's all said and done.

Breanna said...

I am with you chick, I wish this weather would make up its mind. I mean come on already! I won't quit following you because you have been gone a little, I still <3 ya! I am moving at the moment too. I hate it and hope it is a long time before I do it again! I can't wait to throw away all these boxes...

bananas. said...

lady! you are so dang cute!!! love the bathroom sesh with and without sunnies :)

good luck with your move. can't wait to see the pad!

Karls said...

I'm here for the long haul!

Those cupcakes... I just squirted!