February 4, 2010

There's something about a name and an Award Show.

Hi my Name is wikkawikka Slim Shady Chrystal...
I am a lover of everything that shines, sparkles and is pink. Coffe and Sushi are my addictions. I'm Alabama born and raised and country to the core. A Coastie's Sweetheart who loves sweet tea and desires to be a size 5. Yes, you know these things. But one thing most of you don't know is that Geez Louise is just a nick name I was given by family and friends when I was a little girl. I wasn't the most gracious child, I was loud, stubborn, gulible and most of all, clumsy. So Geez Louise fit me well to say the least. Louise happens to be my middle name, but please feel free to Call me Chrystal, Geez Louise, Chrrys {Pronounced as Chris} or whatev else you come up with.
Please be nice kids.

So I guess we should be moving on to something more exciting!

Like the awards show!

KS over at While We're Waiting is such an amazing gal and she awarded me with the
She may or may not know it, but I think she's pretty kick ass herself!

And I want to pass this along to some other Kick Ass ladies I know.

Every single one of you inspire the heck outta me.
Thank you for teaching me how to be a Kick Ass Blogger, you girls are amazing.

Okay So it is FRIDAY!
I think it calls for some Little Black Dress...
Pinot Grigio, thank you.
And of course this glorious day of the week
 wouldn't be complete with out a

OH and if you haven't entered my giveaway,please do!

{PS: Would you say I got a little carried away with saying Kick Ass? Yeah, Me too. Forgive?}

So here's to a great weekend my loves, Cheers!

Happy Friday Ya'll,


Rasha said...

Congrats on your award sweets. and thanks for passing it on. i love me some you.

can you come and celebrate my 21 with me, ok cool. see ya then!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Coffee and sushi. 2 of my faves! And WINE.

Congrats love! And thank you thank you! xo

Bathwater said...

Geez Louise, ;) it doesn't take much to be a kick ass blogger just be yourself and be interesting. Or be like Mayra and have a month long birthday!

Gabby said...

Congrats to you, ladylove! I hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

And thank you very much!

Kristin said...

Congrats on your award lady...and wow do our addictions mirror each other. What's better than sushi and java???

~KS said...

You are kick post... this post is kick ass...and your happy, excited use of the phrase "kick ass" throughout was... well, kick ass!!

have a... you guessed it... kick ass weekend!!

Emily Anne said...

cute blog!
love it.


xo. emilyy.

brooke said...

ooohh! i love nick names!!! and yours is one that i actually say quite a bit. haha...

and oh yey for awards!!!! thanks so much lady!!!! you are awesome!

nicole addison said...

aw i love nicknames haha! and i love all those blogs you listed! congrats on the award love:)

bananas. said...

mmm that wine looks tasty and i love the name. need to get on that soon!

thank you so much for the award. it's been an interesting weekend and that totally just made me smile.

you rock!