February 19, 2010

I am Alive, I promise.

But, I've just had a really rough week for some reason...
Sorry I've been MIA.

We had such a blast while MawMaw and Pops were down.

We played endless rounds of Phase 10...
Paw Paw showed his dislike for loosing and showed me his meanmuggin face.
MawMaw fell in love with the beads and the parades.
This woman is truly amazing, her soul is so happy.
I love her so much!

This is all I will show you of our crazy weekend...
for now. 

Tuesday I will show you the crazyness of Valentines night.
It was the best night ever. 
All I will say is it wasn't your romantic smantic Valentines Night.
But it was perfect!

Hope ya'll had an amazing week.

This weekend I'm hanging with my girls, Ashleigh and Mir.
A Movie.
Woo Hooo.

Oh and PEE.SSS.
I have mad love for beads also!
Just not as many as MawMaw! :)

Have a wonderful weekend my lurves,


erin elder said...

AWE I love Phase 10!! Brings back so many memories of my grammy and gramps...

Have a great weekend!!!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend too, pretty!!

Rasha said...

Cute love. So glad you had a good time.

Bathwater said...

Valentine's Day with the grand parents around can't be as fun as one with the kids VISITING the grandparents!

starnes family said...

Maw Maw in the beads! Too much.

My family grew up playing Phase 10. Love that game.

You're adorable in the last pic!

~KS said...

Phase 10 is amazing... LOVE that game!
Your shades are so stylin'... love 'em girl!

And I left a blog award for you...

Happy weekend!!

Kristin said...

How adorable is your MawMaw with those beads??? Too cute! I hope you're doing better!