January 11, 2010

Tag You're It!

Hi my Loves.
How was your weekend?
Ours? Well, it was absolutely lovely.
We were so relaxed all weekend....
It was nice to just kick back and do nothing...
even though my house was screaming at me because well...
I've been neglecting it lately...

Yes, truth be told, I've been very, very, VERY lazy lately....
You know I should probably do the laundry tomorrow, just sayin.

Moving on......

Shea over at Lovin' every minute of it tagged me..
She's unbelievably awesome and her daughter Rosslyn, well she is just gorgeous!
Go give her some love Ladies!

So, she wanted to know 7 things about me...
I thought, dang...
Is there really 7 things left that you don't already know about me???
Here I go trying wow you...

I have ONE favorite pair of shoes.
They will be 5 years old May 27th.
I bought them the day after my high school graduation.
5 bucks on sale= LOVE.
Puke I know, but I told you they are my favorite.

Yes, they are bruised up.
 But if you only knew how many times they did the druken
Cha Cha Slide or the Cupid Shuffle,
 you would completely understand.

I tan religiously through the winter...
My brother n' law told me yesterday and I quote:
"Chrystal, cancer is not a good color on you."
I never thought I would admit this, but he's completely right.
The first step to help is admitting you've got a problem...
No one ever told me the next step...
Um, I will get to the next step...someday...

I am a hater of Candy.
I only liked Halloween because of the costumes.
I gave my candy away by the handfuls.
I know, weird kid.
I still don't have a sweet tooth.
Okay, Okay..
maybe I have a small sweet tooth...
I could eat Red Velvet Cake for
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

I'm a farmers daughter.
Yes its true, they exsist...
When I was 5, I pee'd in a hayfield...
I'm still tramatized.
When I was 8, I learned how to drive a tractor.
Every Summer Daddy would bale hay and
when he was done he would line them up in perfect rows..
I would spend hours jumping over and across those itchy haybales.
Best part? I jumped them with my Daddy.

I have 2 tattoos.
I want 7 more at this moment...
I found this a year ago on Photobucket

This will be placed
on my left ankle right above my achilles tendon
on the inside of my left arm....
It's still up in the air.

Which brings me to # 6 and why it's still up in the air.
I'm completely afraid of being judge.
Why do we do that?
It's my life, my body.
It's me...not them.
So why does it matter where I put it..
 As long as it makes me happy, right?

I have always dreamed of playing the guitar.
I want to strum and sing a sweet lullaby to my babies..
 I want to serenade my husband.

I dream of becoming a singer songwriter..

Alright Dolls, there you go...
7 things I'm guessing you didn't know about me...

Let's play Tag You're It!
I always loved that game...
(Happy Birthday Lady)

Today is Monday...
Can you believe I actually posted?!?
Me either.

Ya'll have a wonderful first day of the week,


starnes family said...

Hey, there.

I'm new to your blog and enjoyed this post! Love the shoes. I'd say that's a fabulous bargain.

bananas. said...

You just got 10x cuter to me from this post. I love your 7 things. Your shoes...adorable! I'm wearing nail polish that exact same color. A little barbie? Maybe but I don't even care and I would totally rock hot pink pumps with no shame. So you go girl!

brooke said...

awww....i love this!!!! and i love that you love your oldie but goodie shoes to this very day!!! and tattoos??!?! oh heck yes lady!!! i have some and plan on more!!! i love the ink!


Kristin said...

OK, that anchor tatoo is stinkin' adorable!! And my favorite babies are down the steel in the heels...I will never give them up!

Gabby said...

I love your pink shoes! Way hot! And I love that tattoo...go for it!

~KS said...

I love tag games!! I will get to this soon...

And I too dream of playing the guitar. Wouldn't it be lovely to just sit around and play your heart out... heaven.
And I have 7 tattoos right now... and would probably get more if I could afford it. I know people judge me because of it... but how silly is that? I am in love with each one of my tattoos because they represent something very important to me, and I love having those reminders of the things I love with me everyday. So judge away world... if you think a little ink defines a person, you're quite wrong!

Rasha said...

Too darn cute. I love the shoes, they look SO you.

Love you lady

I will def get to this soon!

Catherine Anne said...

Great post and my kids pee in hay feild almost everyday.... I for one did not get to do things as this and love that my kids can... Must have been a great childhood

Lily Riani said...

hey.... saw ur blog via KS....n loving it.... cant wait 4 more.