January 29, 2010

Oh, it's definitely Friday.

And I don't feel like Happy Dancin' at all.
I feel incredibly worse.
Hope y'all have a MARV weekend.
Me, Im going to try to sooothe my feeling crappy with some retail therapy.
Wish me Luck.

I was going to try out the REEBOK EASY TONES...
I went to pick them up last night...
and I couldn't imagine running in them...
some how falling on my face on a running treadmil doesn't seem like fun.

And then the Shoe God spoke and then there were these.....
I die.
They even have sparkley white starts on the back.
Size 5.5 PLEASE!
Thank you!

They are waiting with my name on them...literally.
Academy here I come today.

So there you have it. Im shopping this weekend.
To try and ease my being sick blues.

Happy Friday Y'all,


Rasha said...

CUTEEEE shoes.

love you babe

Totally putting your button on my page!

bananas. said...

love nikes...wish i could run in them. they kill my feet though :(

hope you feel better. have a good weekend and oh wait..i just got your email. haha. thanks hun!

LeAnn said...

Loooove the shoes!!

Hate you're feelin like poo. Cheer up, buttercup! And feel better too!

Haha that rhymed.

I'm lame :)

MODG said...

hotness!!! I love pink.

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Oh wow!! I am in love with those shoes, and they are totally what I'm looking for! Mind if I copy? I'll give you credit for it. Promise!! ;)