January 27, 2010

Off to Dr.HottiePants office I go.

No, your eye sight did not fail you.
I am infact skipping out the door in happiness
 going to visit my hawtness of a DR today.
 While Im drooling...
 wish, pray, hope for me,
 whatever it is you do...
that he figures out why Im having one sided headaches that make my life miserable.
And then that he can make them go way.
Far away and till they never return.

Oh and PS:
I totally found a picture of Dr. Hottiepants on google.
But since Im not sure if he has a wife and if she is as cool as us ladies and has a blog...
I will save myself the beating of posting a pic of her man.

There are some FANTAB Ladies in bloggy land today who are just having a bad day...
Reason for the smile pic Below??
Just wanted to remind them, there is always something to smile about.
Even if it is hot pink notes that say "SMILE".

 ( i know, I know. Enough already with the PS's)
I'm still trying to find someone who will give me a novacaine shot to the right side of my head....
if you know where I can get the hookup let me know!



Rhianne said...

Aww, you are too lovely and a great blog friend don't worry! I hope you can sort your headaches out - I hate one sided ones! x

~KS said...

Hope he fixes you right up... Dr. Hottiepants... wish my doc was a McDreamy!

carrie1 said...

Well if you would like a hop on a plane and come to Va Bch... my doc can give you a botox shot?? Would that work?? I mean we have novacaine, but I don't think he will put a needle in your head!

Good luck at the Doc's today!

Rasha said...

Hope things work. I hateeeeeeeeeeeeee headaches.

loving the background and the header... so cute.

starnes family said...

OH, that's a shame. I want to see a pic!

I'll be praying you find some relief......don't worry!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

I wanna Dr. Hottiepants!!

However, I hope he can fix you and help you feel better!!


Jules said...

Hope Dr Hottiepants figures out what's wrong. I hate headaches!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Have fun with your Dr Hottiepants!!

bananas. said...

ugggghhh...those one sided headaches are the worst! i get them ALL the TIME! mine are always right above my right eye and man oh man they hurt.

hope dr. hottie boom bottie fixes you right up with a little love in the form of a prescription drug.

Caro said...

So what did he say?

Sara and Trey said...

Hope he can make you feel better!!

My doctor is a hottie too. Hubby gets jealous when I have to go to the dr.