January 27, 2010

McHP, you're joking right?!

A Sinus headache, for 3 weeks?
I might have to beg to differ with you on this McHP...

Gooogley Eyes  I mean, Patient over here knows nothing about ear drum fluid.
So, I will take those nasty antibiotics.
Along with the headache meds.

Today at my appointment his awesomeness went up above the scale...
He does knuckle bumps and happy dances!?!
Espesh when he looks at my weight and realizes...
I've lost 23 pounds in 3 months.

Hubbs and I are joining OMNI tomorrow to get ready for that trip to Cancun in August.
McHP goes to this gym.
(No, I SWEAR I did NOT know this.)

Coversation went as this:
McHP: So what are you doing to keep the weight off so that you don't rebound?
Me: I run 2 miles almost everyday, drink lots and lots of sweet tea  water and we are joining OMNI tomorrow.
McHP: Oh, I go to OMNI. Thats awesome!
McHP: You should start doing weights, it helps a lot. Running is great, but you need to do more..
Me: I don't want Arnold Schwartz arms, I want Jillian arms.
McHP: Okay, she uses weights.
Me: I don't know how to use weights.
McHP: Well, if you start at OMNI I will help you and Homeslice (yes, he was referring to Hubbs) get ready for the trip...and help you use weights
Me: So this means your my Dr and personal trainer?

McHp: Yup.Me: This is going to be my personal hell right?
McHp: Yep.


I have to be honest and say this freaks my freak a little.

Oh and he also gave Hubbs a new nickname today...
Question for you...
Why do you think he gave him this name?


Just when McHP got awesome, he got a little stupid at the same time.
I'm at a loss for words.
 Hubbs thinks this is halarious.
I think this is Redunkulous.

In all seriousness for a hot second...
Dr Miller is actually an amazing physician..
He cares about why I am there and really listens to me.
 Most of all he does what he has to to figure out whats going on with me...
Growing up I had a QUACK for a doctor...
So, I really appreciate his intelligence and his care to know.

So diagnosis is:
Fluid behind ear drum and lots of it.
 ='s excruciating pressure and one BIG FAT sinus headache off and on for 3 weeks..

It's almost friday and I am HAPPPY.
Not only because I will be dopped up on meds, but because I will be celebrating the weekend with:
family, friends, parades ,beads and moonpies.
This time I will NOT forget my camera.

 It's Thursday, why aren't you dancing?!?!


Rasha said...

justincredable... thats cute.

sorry about the headaches.. I woke up with a horrible one, ughhhh sucks.

love you and Im so happy its almost the weekend!! and REMEMBER THAT camera. haha

Caro said...

I aint dancing cuz I just got out od bed ;)

carrie1 said...

I am going to list my faves from this post



Glad it's just a sinus headache and not anything major! =)

Sara and Trey said...

I'm cracking up....Homeslice?!?!

Have fun this weekend!! Hope your headache clears up with the meds!

starnes family said...

OK, so with him at the office and at the gym, how will you rationalize all of these "issues" for making dr appts? He will see you working out at the gym.....no more fake illnesses to make an appt.


Better figure out his workout schedule.

Kidding, Justincredible!

Michely Medeiros. said...

justincredible!!!! haha i love that...

Pippa Artus said...

After all that, im glad your looking forward to friday :)
I think i might actually stay in this weekend!! Need to catch up on the rest :)

bananas. said...

23 lbs in 3 months?! wowie! that's so awesome lady. congrats!

i'm now really curious to see this hot doctor of yours. sneak a pic for me, k? ;)