January 18, 2010

Hey now, its time for presents!!!

I am so behind on my present posting! Sorry KS, please love me still! This lady is the ULTIMATE gift giver!!! All 12 were perfect just for me!! I have been way behind on posting my presents! Which btw are fantab!  I can't wait wait to hold my very own giveaway, which will be coming soon! Get Excited!!!

Day 9
Daily Mood Calendar!
Love it!
Since I do not have an office it is going in my kitchen,
which you could consider my office...
Im in there most of my day!

Day 10
Tote and Water Bottle
Is that not the CUTEST tote you've ever seen?!
I know, right?
And that water Bottle?
Perfect for my evening run!

Sleep Mask
It couldn't be a more perfect present!
I am so not a morning person!
Saying and all is perfect for me...

Day 12
I am all about taking care of my puckers!
I am constantly putting on my Burt's Bees and Nicole Miller "Flirt" gloss!
So these are a perfect lovely addition to my gloss family.
I have to say the French Vanilla smells so yummy makes me want to eat it!
BON BON and Peppermint are awesome to give you just a hint of some pink and red tint!
(Btw Peppermint is in the picture, just hidden behind Mr Sleeping Mask!)

I truly loved all these presents! Saying Thank You a million times and sending a thank you card still doesn't seem enough! But thank you again, KS! All 12 brightened my days! I am so thankful that this experience has begun a shiny new bloggy friendship!
You are awesome Lady!

Well, I will be back for weekend deets...
but for now have an amazing day my friends!


~KS said...

Sooooooo glad you loved your goodies!! It was seriously so much fun picking them all out, and wrapping them up and shipping them off!!!
Happy Monday to you!!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Hi, am now following, found you somewhere today. In Alabama by the bay? I just think I might know where you are........

starnes family said...

I love all the gifts.....she is too much. Enjoy!

carrie1 said...

Cute stuff! =)

brooke said...

WHOA!!!! you got spoiled!!!! i love kristen!! she has got the most amazing spirit!!! just like you lady! awesome awesome!

Gabby said...

SO cool! Lucky you :)

Rasha said...

so spolied.. I LOVE it!

Caro said...

Nice gifts!