December 30, 2009

16 hours till 2010, say what?!

Where the shimmy did you come from???
I am so stinkin happy you are only hours away...
I'm ready for you to come in and take over.
Making you the best year ev...K?
This year has been a BETCH stressful one.

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So now that is discussed..let's move on.

I'm ready to watch the MoonPie drop over Mobile Bay.
{Ahem, please remember I live in Alabama people.}
It doesn't get much Southern than this.

I don't care what drops from the sky NYE,
as long as I'm bringing it in with 3 of the most amazing people I share my life with.

I'm truly ready to freeze my boootay off.
Spend the night overlooking beautiful Mobile.
Cuddling with Hubbs and dancing around the park with my babies.

2009 has been a year I won't forget.
A lot of good times mixed with some bad ones.
But life isn't always perfect.
Sometimes moments in life suck.

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Earlier I posted about the new year coming.
After I published it, I read it one more time, deciding
thats not the last post I want on my blog for 2009.
{if you caught it before I deleted it you know what Im talking about!}

I have my days and moments that get me....
Sometimes I am completely and totally vulnerable with you.
I let you in, let you see the way my heart is feeling.
But, I don't want to end my year, reminicing on things I couldn't change.
So let's CELEBRATE, shall we!

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This coming year I'm going to keep on...
believing in myself.
laughing harder.
being myself.

I will be...
Taking chances.
Loving more..
loosing 20 more lbs.
{mmhhm, you heard right.}

Another New Year reminds me of all the changes I can make.
All the new things I can do.
It also reminds me that I can move on.
Start fresh and new.

So, 2010 I am ready for you.

Are you ready for 2010?
What are your resolutions?
And how will you make a change in the new year?
Have a splendid day my Darlings,


bananas. said...

i'm not so into resolutions. frankly i think everyone says the same thing but usually forgets about them about a month. i, myself, am guilty of that. so i've come up with one resolution, just one...

to become a master rockband drummer. that's right and you better believe it will happen.

happy new year to you and your family! xoxo.

olivia rae said...

just discovered your beautiful blog and love it! xo

Caro said...

I haven't taught of any changes or resolutions yet, but I am pretty sure that I will come up with a list of them.

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Yay... Happy New year!!

Catherine Anne said...

I have missed you. Great post as well!!!

carrie1 said...

Good Ole' New Years Resolutions... I will be posting mine here shortly!

And whats this "lose 20 more pounds"? Your going to wither away!

Happy New Year! =)

Gisel said...

I wish you and your family A SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

-cheers: to 2010 !!!! :)
have a safe night.


Stefany said...

You rock Chrystal! Come over and link this up... everyone needs to know you. :)